Heal the Empath/ Narcissist Templates For Twin Flames

£ 311.00



Heals toxic relationship templates that you picked up in childhood.  You may be or may have been playing out on empath/ narcissist templates.  Heals your relationship templates.  Heals and upgrades your templates.  Opens up and activates more trust in your connections.  When the Empath becomes triggered by too much stress on the senses, the psyche, and the soul, the Empath will instinctively protect itself by taking on their more Narcissistic traits.  Heal and free yourself from these type of relationship patterns.  Great for if you or someone you’re in relationship with behaves with a lot of traits characteristic of the narcissist.  Healing for deeper patterns that get the empath hooked.  Heals the empaths low self-esteem, poor boundaries, romantic fantasies, and the pathologic need to be needed.  Heals the empaths I’m not worthy or loveable story that often stems from childhood.  Empaths have usually been conditioned early in childhood to prioritize the needs of others over their own needs.  Helps you to find more balance with this.  Often, the most empathic, intuitive, sensitive children grew up in abusive or neglectful homes.  Many empaths were raised with narcissistic parents (most abusive parents and addicts have narcissistic traits) who violated their boundaries repetitively and never taught them to be aware of their own needs. As a result, empaths grow up normalizing such behavior.  Great for healing narcissistic traits in you or being mirrored back to you by your partner.  Heals your inner child.  Heals damaged relationship templates.  Shifts you from the 3D empath/ narcissist template to a 5D Twin Flame template.  Upgrades your relationship templates.  This healing opens up gifts, your spiritual connection, psychic channels, and powerful healing abilities.

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