Twin Flame New Earth Activation

£ 66.00



Activating your energy for the New Earth.  Your future lives with your Twin Flame will happen in the New Earth.  Activating your energy for 5D Union timelines.  Your Twin Flame is very compatible with you in every way.  Especially energetically.  A channeled activation.  Heals and activates you! You share a psychic connection with your Twin Flame.  Activate this connection.  You and your Twin Flame can communicate with just a glance, and you always know what the other is thinking.  You also feel each others emotions.  Heals, activates, and uplifts the connection.  Shift and uplift your energy field.  When you do it activates your Twin Flames energy field too.   High frequency energies that heal your deeper wounds.  Shift your energy and your Twin Flames too.  Activate more psychic gifts.  Energies to help shift you into a deeper alignment with your self and your Twin Flame.  Activate more intuition, and in the connection too.

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