Twin Flame Protection Package

£ 255.00


Protects you from outside energies and outside forces.  Ones always come into try to break up Twin Flames a little extra.  Protection for you and your Twin Flame.  An almost Full Moon aligns with Jupiter.  This energy is amazing for healing, and protecting your energies.  Mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Channeled Divine Energies.  Helps you to transmute and heal lower fear based energies and fear based manifestations.  Shields you from lower energies. Puts a beautiful shield around you and your Twin Flame.  Blocks out ones with bad intentions.  Helps to shield you from toxic energies.  Brings you and your Twin Flames chakras, body and energy back into alignment so you both are in the same vibratory frequency.  Healing and spiritual protection for your energy.  Being in love can attract negative forces.  Protects you from jealousy and low frequency energies.  Shields you and your Twin Flame.

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