Twin Flame Multidimensional Healing Package

£ 211.00


Healing for you across the dimensions.  Heals your 3D, 4D, and 5D aspects.  This is a healing to help shift you from that 4D state to 5D.  Great for everyone as we are all trying to maintain those 5D frequencies.  Twin Flames tend to meet and even date in the 3D and 4D dimension.  Full Union usually happens in the 5D.  4D is separation.  This may look like haven’t anchored into full 5D Union (living together/ marriage).  While you may even be merged together you are in a 4D split spiritual form.  5D is full Union.  It’s being together with your Twin Flame in oneness.  This healing is to help shift you from a 3D/4D state into a 5D state and this helps to shift your Twin Flame situation no matter what the situation.  An energetic shift from 3D/4D to 5D by raising your frequencies to a higher level.  Transmutes lower fear based energies of the 3D/4D.  Your Twin Flame is here to awaken you more spiritually.  3D is physical reality.  4D is more like a dreamworld, or astral world.  Guides or Angels have to travel through 4D to meet 3D living people.  People who just died travel through 4D to reach 5D.  If they do not cross over they stay in lower 4D.  5D  Is the Afterlife, first level of Heaven, there, we are still bodies there, just lighter energy and everything can be created by thought.  Raises your vibration to that of the 5D.  Healing for the 3D.   Your old life/ timelines.  This is the physical aspect of your Twin Flame experiences.  5D – The aspect of your journey that you cannot touch. The spiritual nature.  Dreams, telepathy, spiritual awakening, and energy merging.  Twin Flame Union happens in the 5D.  In the spiritual realm.

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