Twin Flame Healing For Past Soul Contracts

£ 255.00


One of the biggest blocks that comes up in relationships / and In harmonious Union is past soul contracts.  Until you process and heal, letting go, those energies may still come up.  When past energies are unresolved they create major energy blocks.  Many have not yet fully cleared their past karmic experiences.  They then loop these experiences into their Union, or try too.  Past soul contracts are there to show us our behavior and to help us to balance out things.  Many of you had past contracts with toxic people and partners.  You may have had a narcissistic parent, sibling, or even lover.  This has affected your energy!  A good healing for past contracts and past life contracts.  Past life relationship contracts refer to a pattern of emotional relationship that persists across many lifetimes and affects our present relationship with our Twin Flame.  This is a good healing to heal and release any vows or past life contracts that are not for your highest good.  Many agreements were made in past lives.  Healing for past and future negative based soul contracts that you’re still holding.  Deep healing for karmic contracts.  These are the ones that come in and hurt you.  They can even be played out by friends and acquaintances.  Heals and clears toxic people from your life.  People always come in to block Union.  Usually on the feminine side too.  A contract is like a thread that keeps you tied together, lifetime after lifetime. This energetic thread means you will keep incarnating and meeting up because there is an unresolved issue that needs to be worked out and let go of.  That means your often times needing to heal your energy from past karmic partners, and past karmic experiences.  Healing and clearing for these deeper cords.  Heals on going patterns and fears picked up from the karmics.  This means you will be guided to be with someone if you hold a contract.  You will feel compelled too.  This can be very confusing for Twin Flames, creating other lessons, and at times even third party karmic energies to deal with.  Healing for negative energetic ties or obligations that you carry with you from past lives.  If you are not in a full Union it’s because of other contracts.  If you’re in Union and the past keeps coming up, for either, it’s from trauma from past contracts.  Healing for your past contracts.  Goes deep healing each one and releasing traumas from each.  A good healing for your soul contracts and your Twin Flames.  Helps them heal and release negative contracts for them too.  Healing the past, changes the timelines now!

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