Karmic Patterns Twin Flame Clearing

£ 155.00



Healing for karmic patterns.  Karmic family patterns turn into karmic dating patterns.  Great clearing for inner shadow blockages.  If one Flame has any blockages or negativities so does the other.  A good clearing for external attachments, to people, or situations.  Karma includes karmic attachments to karmic romantic partners.  A good clearing for past karmic partners from your energy.  Most Twin Flames do share past lives and have karma to resolve between them.  Clearing for karmic energies with your Twin Flame too.  A clearing for past unhealthy connections.  Clearing to break the cycles of bad behavior from past lifetimes.  Clears repetitive patterns.  Clearing for emotions on a loop in your love life.  Clearing for negative relationship/ karmic pattens.  A pattern is a behavior we repeat over and over again, often without realizing it.  Your pattern might be chasing emotionally unavailable people, pushing people away, ignoring your emotional needs, or making excuses for unhealthy/dysfunctional behavior.  A good clearing for these types of sabotaging behaviors.  A good clearing for relationship triggers.  These triggers that come up stem from miscommunication and insecurities.  Clearing for insecurities like jealousy, possessiveness and co-dependency.  Clearing for amy karmic unresolved issues from the past.

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