Twin Flame Shadow Healing Package

£ 211.00


 Twin Flame connections bring up the same inner work much faster.  This is a great healing for everyone and that deeper inner work.   Healing for past trauma and your deeper shadows.  Healing for all the things you’ve been doing that simply don’t work.  Healing for that deeper shadow.  The shadow is simply pain still being carried around and brought up.  Healing for your deeper shadow aspects.  Heals your darker aspects.  Healing for those past repressed feelings, thoughts and memories.  Healing for any negative patterns that have come up from the connection.  Healing for any outer turmoil and inner purging.  Twin flames mirror our shadow selves to us.  Heals deeper wounds and insecurities.  Healing past traumas and negative qualities.  so that you can shift into a deeper vibrational alignment, with yourself and with your Twin Flame.  A Twin Flame is meant to illuminate the darkness within each person.  Twin Flames are shadow workers for each other.  Healing any residual trauma that’s been brought up.  Healing for the uncomfortable truths about yourself your Twin Flame has brought up.  When a person meets their Twin Flame a door to the underworld is opened.  Healing for the darker aspects you’re projecting, or have projected on to your Twin Flame.   Healing for the shadow self that’s been brought up.

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