Twin Flame Ego Block Clearing

£ 155.00


A clearing for ego blocks.   Clearing your egos false structure that makes you think certain things aren’t possible for you.  Fear is the underlying energy that not only pushes our Twin Flame away, but can keep them away.  Our ego can create blocks out of fear while in Union.  Healing for any ego blocks.  Healing for any blocks to feeling the energetic connection that you have to your Twin Flame.  Clears ego illusions.  These are false narratives.  A huge ego block is anyone’s preferred and most comfortable mode of operation when interacting with other people.  Healing how you come across and interact with others.   Healing for deeper ego wounds, ego blocks, wounded ego aspects.  Healing for your egos unhealthy defense mechanisms.   Helps you to heal and feel better about who you are.  Clears negative ego, clearing blocks to the positive ego.  Clears negative blocks, past hurts and the resistance that has been created in your ego mind.  Heals fear of rejection, and fear of getting hurt again.  Heals and clears negative ego attachments.  Clearing for ego hurts.  Clearing and dissolving for negative ego programming.

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