Pleiadian Portal!

Right now the Sun is circling the Pleiades constellation, which is in between Taurus and Gemini.  This happens once a year from May 16-24th.  This is a Pleiadian Gateway.  We can expect a huge influx of energy to come into the Planet during this time.  These are cosmic energies that are being sent to assist us in the expansion of our consciousness.  These galactic frequencies are encoding the very core of who we are.  We are going to go through some major upgrades the next couple of months.  Humanity is being recoded.  This energy is encouraging us to delve into our gifts on deeper levels.  We are being encouraged to forge a new way for humanity.  We are shifting into Gemini Season this week and we have a New Moon In Gemini.  This energy will bring with it a new beginning. Even though we are stepping into the new, many people have lots of old things surfacing to release.  Venus retrograde may be highlighting any relationship patterns that need to be healed.  This is about opening up to more love.  We are releasing things that are deeply engrained in our subconscious. Be kind to yourself as your going through this process.  This is all about changing how we see ourselves.  Once we can master that it will open us up to manifesting the life we deserve.  This Gemini Season will be all about finding balance and will be powerful for any spiritual unions.

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