On The Energies…


The space storm we are in is not over.  Yesterday a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field sparking the biggest geomagnetic storm we have had in almost 20 years.  More CMEs are expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field during the next 24-48 hours, and they could push the storm back to severe or even extreme levels.  This Event sparked auroras all over the Planet.  Today is a huge Galactic Activation Portal Day.  It’s the biggest one of May.  A Galactic Activation Portal makes the veil between worlds thinner.  It’s easier to tap into more guidance.  These days have a higher energetic vibration.  We are meant to use them to do energy healing and activation work.  Today’s energies are all about integrating all of your past experiences.  It’s time to drop the heavy energetic baggage.  It’s time to set goals that align with creating the life that you want and more abundance.  Allow the power of your healing journey to guide you.  These energies can bring old problems back up.  This is due to the karma pushing up.  You may feel more sensitive or feel ascension symptoms.  On these days the events of different realities are more interlinked or intertwined.  It’s a much thinner line between dreams and reality.  That’s why we shift to higher timelines on these days.

art: @yana.potter.art