Live In Your Lightbody



Any pain we feel is meant as a catalyst to transform us to our highest version of ourselves. Remember that we all went through some type of pain to wake us up. This really is a metamorphosis. We are all on the path of liberation and our souls are emerging finally. Healing can be painful, but with that pain will always come something new. As I am going through this intense physical pain it’s reminding me of something my twin flame told me a long time. He told me that you won’t feel pain if
you live in your lightbody. We are all aware that the planet is undergoing a shift into higher frequencies. Gaia is a living, moving energy system. Everyone who lives on this planet will experience this realignment. This is the creation of the lightbody. As we are tuning ourselves to higher octaves of light it’s changing our vibrational frequencies. This transition of light is a gradual one. That is why the best thing to do for any pain is to live in your lightbody, since we are not matter one day and pure light the next day.