Full Moon In Scorpio

We are still in this storm. We have a full moon the 10th in Scorpio. This moon is powerful and fortunate. A well placed Pluto is allowing for a positive transformation to occur in your life. This moon is bringing positive karma into your life. Use this karma to make some lucky breaks. This full moon is highlighting opposing forces or polarities in your life. This can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, what you need versus what you want. If your experiencing any inner tension or external conflict it will be magnified for you. These things are draining your energy. Now is time to get rid of anything and anyone not serving you. You chose your karma, and only you can make it go away. Things are just beginning. We are at a calm in the storm. These lunar qualities of emotions and instincts will reach their peak on Wednesday. Use your increased intuition to overcome these challenges. It’s time to really chose Ascension, and you know all that debris can’t come with us! Unconscious awareness is showing you your relationships in a new perspective. Look at all of your relationships in an objective way, balance is the goal. This should be showing you any negative dynamics that may be at play. Set some real goals! Next to the moon at 19°36′ is Scorpio, which is a helpful fixed star associated with good fortune, happiness and wealth. We also have Jupiter added with some Mercury in the form of spiritual and mental powers.