For Any Vegans

I love you all unconditionally. I don’t judge any of you on any of your actions, because I know deep down that will lower your vibration faster then anything. The foods we are eating actually plays a very small role in this ascension process. If it were that easy all the vegans would have turned into rainbow light bodies and ascended already. While this is a physical process, it’s mainly spiritual. I love any kind of passion, I really do. I am passionate about helping as a lightworker. Go save the animals if that’s your calling. But please remember that the plants your eating have consciousness too. In fact it’s debatable whether plants feel more then animals. Thank you for the concern over what I’m eating. I assure you though that just as I contracted for any experiences I had prior to incarnating here, so did your animal friends. So it’s like any other 3D lesson, you must step aside so me and your animal friends can learn these lessons we contractd to learn before we came here. When you become one with everything and everyone you realize that everyone is Divine. Please evolve past the need to change people’s beliefs to suit yours.