Astrology-December 2016

Now is a really good time to focus on goals that help increase your understanding of awareness. We should be working on confidence and optimism for the future. Sagittarius is about transcending daily mix and having fun. We just had a full moon in Gemini. This brought about a sudden awareness to our lives, and a sort of urgency. We all are beginning to realize that this feeling, or knowing is what will lead us. Mercury is going to turn retrograde on the 19th. It will remain retrograde until January 8th. This retrograde begins in Capricorn and then backs into Sagittarius on January 4th for the remainder of the retrograde. On the 24th Saturn and Uranus will form a trine. This is the first of three aspects. The next two will occur in May and November 2017. This is a time of new beginnings. Jupiter will oppose Uranus on the 26th. This will shift the energy immediately. We need to make changes to our life, or we will be forced to make them. Saturn and Chiron form a square on the 28th. This will force is all into dealing with any fears that we have left. We need to let go of any fears or insecurities, they are not serving us. We will have a New Moon on the 29th, this will energize Capricorn. This moon will awaken our sense of limits and need for order and independence. This is a good time to plan for your future. This is time to cultivate and manifest your dreams. This moon happens the same day Uranus turns direct, so this moon will be great for your intuition. On the 31st Jupiter will form a quincunxes with Chiron. This can lead to you questioning your life or beliefs. A lot of people will feel lost, especially those that aren’t spiritually grounded.


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