Today Is A Powerful Activation Day…

We are doing a powerful activation for the 4:4 Portal.  This will be the fourth day of the fourth month.  This is a powerful day for bringing through the spiritual.  This Gateway is bringing some powerful Energies that we are using to bring through Galactic Activations.  Amazing energies to be tapping into for healing.  Using these cosmic energies to awaken and activate your Starseed DNA.  Channeling these light codes into an activation for your spiritual awakening.  April brings us the codes of Lyra.  We are activating your Lyran DNA codes.  It’s so important that your connecting with and activating your galactic DNA, especially if your a Starseed.  This helps to activate your soul and to bring more of it in the physical body.  The Lyrans have a long history with Earth.  They were connected to Lemuria.  This will help you to connect with your past Lyran lives and your Lemurian ones.  It will help to bring back the past teachings of Lemuria which exist with you.

Make sure your signing up, amazing energies today! I’ll be doing activations all day too!



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