The Violet Flame



 the violet flameYou have many tools at your disposal for this journey.  You should be using the Violet Flame.  People have different healing styles, but I’m very visual.  You can just visualise yourself in purple light.  I do this every time I shower, along with aura repair.  Purple is a colour associated with the psychic.  It’s a crown chakra frequency that connects us to the Divine.  It connects us with the higher spiritual.  It’s a fire that has the capability to burn away any negative.  It’s amazing for negative entities, or other spiritual issues.  It actually works better then any of the other colours for spiritual protection.  This colour relates to your third eye in every way.  It’s a colour that connects you to higher consciousness.  The violet flame is of the highest frequency because it’s of the highest colour spectrum.  The violet flame can transcend time.  It can erase or transmute cause and effects, and even through our memories.  It changes negative energy to positive.  The Violet Flame can get rid of karma.  When we use it we change our vibrational frequency.  This is the ultimate alchemy spoken of.  An ability to turn lead into gold, but on energetic levels.


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