The Law Of Giving and Recieving

Everything  in our Universe operates as a dynamic energy exchange, this is the Law Of Giving and Receiving. This Is a spiritual law. Giving and receiving are each an aspect of the flow of energy in the Universe. When we give what we are seeking we keep the abundance of the Universe in our lives. When we stop the natural flow of energy we are interfering with intelligent infinity. Currency comes from a Latin term that means “to fun” or “flow”. Money is a symbol of the life energy we give and the life energy we receive as the result of a service we provide. The most important thing will always be our intent, especially behind this law. Abundance is often thought of in monetary terms, but it is actually circulating consciousness. The best way to experience the Law of Giving and Receiving is to give a gift to everyone you come in contact with. The gifts of, caring, affection, love, and appreciation are amazing and they don’t cost you anything. Silent giving is amazing! There is nothing we lack, your natural state is Divine. You are someone with pure potential and infinite possibilities. The Source of all wealth is more a field of pure potential that fills your every need. This is the flow of life.