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On The Energies…

This weekend we will begin a series of Cosmic Events that will lead us into 2021.  Saturday we are going to kick things off with the 12:12 Portal, Sunday is the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower and Monday we have our New Moon, also a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  We also have some powerful waves of Galactic Energies that are continuing to come in stronger and stronger.  The 12:12 Portal really is the final Gateway of the year and is preparing us for the Winter Solstice.  Jupiter and Saturn are also continuing to move closer and closer together as they prepare to make there Solstice Merge.  The 12:12 Portal will be bringing with it tons of light codes that will activate your light body.  Your light body is your Merkaba.  This is Egyptian and translated Mer (Light), Ka (Soul), Ba (Body).  Our light body is our true form and what we must activate to achieve ascension.  We are very much, in this space between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse.  This is a powerful Eclipse window.  We can be using these energies in powerful ways as the light codes are continuing to stream in.  Right now we are clearing a lot of old density right now, and will continue to for the rest of the month.  That’s why doing so much healing and clearing of our energy is so needed.  This week may feel a little like the calm before the storm.  It very much is.  We are going through a big transformation right now as we integrate so many upgrades so fast.  The real change is occurring within you as your DNA is activating.  You may be having spiritual experiences, intense dreams, or even deja vu from all of these energies.  It’s very important that your letting the Universe guide you at this point.  Pay attention to the signs your receiving.  The Geminids are not your typical Meteor Shower.  Our Planet is passing through the dust and debris from an asteroid.  Most Meteor Showers come from comets, not asteroids.  We can expect fireballs, and even blue, yellow, red, and green shooting stars.  Once again it will be raining stars this weekend.  The Geminids is considered the best Meteor Shower of the year.  Monday’s Solar Eclipse will take us into the last two weeks of 2020! You have to know it’s going to end on a spectacular note. Continue reading

Shifting Seasons..

The Winter Solstice is this weekend.  This is a changing of the seasons, as the Sun makes its shift into Capricorn.  It’s the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  It’s a festive of light and a time of gratitude.  At the same time the Sun will be getting activated by the energies of the Galactic Center.  As the Sun makes this journey across the Galactic Center it will be activating us and waking us up to a deeper version of ourselves.  We have a ton of energy continuing to stream in.  This is cosmic energy meant to lift up our frequency.  We have a ton of powerful astrological events that will continue to unfold in the end of December and the beginning of January.  The best thing we can do is to make sure our energy is balanced.  This energy will act as a bridge , not only carrying us to higher states of consciousness, but it will bring us into Eclipse season.  There is a need for an energetic reset to occur.  We are going through a process of recalibration.

This is a powerful shift for being upgraded.  I will be doing a Transmission from Stonehenge for the Equinox.  This is a power spot for these energies…


Getting Ready For The Solstice…

We are currently in a Space Storm, with a lot of Galactic and solar energy expected to continue to flow in.  We are now at a K2 index, but will be up to a K4 tomorrow.  We are in between Gateways.  The energy of the 12/12 Portal will assist us on our journey through the 12/21 Portal.  It’s not only the Winter Solstice, but it’s Eclipse Season.  The rest of December is bringing some powerful energy with it.  This is the energy of 2020.  We have a lot occurring with Saturn, which is pushing us to move faster when it comes to any karma we have left to clear or heal.  Today we enter the Ursid meteor shower.  It will be raining stars and meteors this week.  This will peak during the Winter Solstice.  There will also be some amazing auroras this week.  On the 22nd we will shift into Capricorn.  This will bring with it a new vibration.  We are being pushed to step into our power as co-creators of our reality.  We are instant manifesting with this energy.  It’s a good time to focus on what you would like for 2020 to bring with it.

We will be going to Glastonbury and Stonehenge this weekend.  I’m very excited, to be back in some of my favourite energy hot spots.  I will be working with Stonehenge for The Solstice, which is one of my favourite Sacred Sites.  I’ll be doing something different there this time.  I’m doing a Transmission so that we can come together as a group.  Here is the link to sign up.  Once you do you’ll be emailed the link to be added to the group I’ll be using to live stream from on Facebook.