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Happy Solstice!

In the Northern Hemisphere we are doing the Summer Solstice.  In the Southern Hemisphere they are doing the Winter Solstice.  During the Summer Solstice the Sun will reach its highest point in the sky.  The Sun will not set and will bring 24 hours of light.  The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate.  During the Winter Solstice the Sun will reach its lowest point in the sky.  The Sun will not rise and will bring 24 hours of darkness.  The Winter Solstice is a time to slow down and to go within.  The Summer Solstice is meant to mark a new energy and the start of a new season.  The Sun will be at its most powerful.  Our Sun is an energetic portal.  It streams Source Energy.  Earth is going to tilt in just the right way that we receive a huge influx of Galactic and Solar Energies.  The light codes coming in with this Solstice will contain some powerful DNA Upgrades.  At the Summer Solstice the Pleiades rises just before the light of dawn.  At the Winter Solstice the Pleiades is visible in the east just after dark.  The Pleiades is one of the most important star systems.  Stonehenge was made to specifically align with the Summer Solstice.  The stones align with the rising Sun to the North East.  The energies of the Sun and Pleiades activate this Stargate.  The next week is extra powerful for doing healing and activation work.  We are also in a powerful manifestation portal.  You can expect big shifts that will take you where your meant to be.  These energies are meant to take you into a deeper alignment.  It’s very important that your letting your soul lead you right now.  Make sure your staying in a higher frequency.  Fill yourself full of gratitude and make sure your getting outside.  It’s the best time to connect with the Earth and the elemental realms.

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Preparing For The Solstice Gateway…

We are preparing Now, for the Winter Solstice.  The Sun begins a new solar cycle on the Winter Solstice.  This is also the first day of Winter.  This is a powerful portal.  It’s a gateway between worlds.  At this time, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.  This means we are most spiritually tuned in during this time.  Tomorrow the Sun will come into alignment with the Galactic Center.  As the Sun crosses the Galactic Center we will have tons of incoming waves of Galactic energies.  As the Sun merges with these Galactic energies it will be activated.  This then activates us.  We can expect the Light Body Upgrades to continue and to receive a ton of Solar Light Codes between now and the Solstice.  These light codes are activating your DNA, and much of your DNA is actually Galactic.  That’s why this is an important time to be doing healing and activation work with your DNA.  These are powerful cosmic energies we can be using.  It’s a powerful time for the Earth as well, and Grid Workers.  The Earth is activating and so are the Planetary Light Grids.  At this time the Ley Lines are extra active.  It’s a great time to get outside.  If your a Lightworker you may be feeling these energies a little extra right now.  Make sure your putting your needs and energy first.  These waves of higher frequency energy are helping to awaken and activate the entire planet.  It’s a powerful time for humanity as we prepare for the future.  We are working towards a higher state of consciousness.  Many are anticipating some type of Solar Event or even Space Ships landing.  People are seeing more and more ships as we are preparing.  This is the time to fully step into your power.  We are instant manifesting and have finally anchored into the energies of the New Earth.  More and more are experiencing a 5th dimensional reality.  This is a great time to really tune into your deeper purpose.  The Solstice marks a new beginning and is bringing with it a major shift the energies.  This is a great time to get focused on what it is your going to create for 2021.

Solstice Meditation…

We are coming together to meditate for the Winter Solstice on Monday.  This is an Online Event.  This is a powerful Gateway and also the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.  We have been going through a lot of Lightbody Upgrades this month.  That’s why it’s very important that we are coming together to meditate.  This helps us anchor in all the light codes we have been receiving.  The Winter Solstice is a major portal.  It’s a Gateway, where the veils between worlds are at our thinnest.  This means that at these points our spiritual connection is the strongest.  This is a deep healing we channel.  We will be working on bringing through activations and healing to the energy grids of the Earth.  This will help you activate your spiritual gifts.  This meditation will be at 5pm UK time.  Once you sign up you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.  Check our email you the link once you sign up.

Here is the link and I hope to see you there!