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An Energy Report…

Things will be slowing down the rest of this week.  We have been integrating a lot of different energies.  We have a lot of upgrades that have came with with them to! Many people have been feeling the activations happening to there lightbody at this time.  We are still in the middle of this Triple Eclipse gateway.  We are preparing for next weeks Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  This will take place July 5th and will complete this Eclipse Season.  This is the third eclipse we have had in one lunar month, which is really rare.  This next Eclipse will be in Capricorn.  It’s bringing with it a need for a deeper liberation.  Many are tiring of the old paradigm and are not sure how to go about creating something new.  This should be a time of a lot of insight and higher awareness coming through.  It’s time to get creative and even inspired.  Powerful energies are churning.  We can expect some powerful shifts in luck and fortune next week as Jupiter and Pluto meet for another major shift.  We are still in Retrograde Season too, so we have lots of planets moving around.  Venus has shifted direct so this will be really good for relationships.  A lot of couples have been releasing a lot of relationship patterns that are very karmic.  Venus retrograde tends to draw out any deep shadows.  June 25th to July 28th is an important time for our relationships.  July 28th will be the day that Venus traverses the same degree of Gemini that she first turned on.  This will mark a completion of her cycle.  This Venus retrograde should have given you a lot of insight on your finances as well.  This is a time where you once again will tap into abundance in many forms.  This will come through tapping into your infinite potential.  We have Chiron set to go retrograde July 4th as well.  Just as Chiron is a rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets, it acts as one between your inner and outer world.  Chiron retrograde will bring up any old wounds that have been buried in our subconscious.  Some of these may even come from past lives.  We are going to be doing a lot of inner child healing.  Retrograde Season is a time to go within.  Many are releasing a lot, or have even been doing lots of purging.  It’s time to really let go of your past so that you can fully focus on your future.  These have been really powerful manifesting energies.  They are to create something new.  This is a really good time to be doing some energy clearing.  We can expect a lot of huge energy shifts in July.

On This Triple Eclipse Gateway..

We are still in an eclipse gateway window until next week.  In fact we have just completed the second of three eclipses we will experience this Eclipse Season.  This is a triple eclipse gateway that we are in.  We will have the final eclipse on the 4th of July.  This will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  This means we will have 3 eclipses in one lunar month.  That’s actually really rare! This is a time of huge changes that are unfolding.  We have a lot of different energies and alignments to help us with this transition.  Neptune has shifted into Retrograde and Venus is getting ready to shift direct.  This is good news for our relationships.  We have been clearing a lot of deep programming, a lot of them love related.  Since we are going through so many upgrades you may even feel a little disconnected during this time.  That can be a normal response to Retrograde Season.  We are going to continue to do a lot of purifying the rest of this year.  Make sure your taking time to come back into balance right now.  We just had a lot of intense energies, which means intense upgrades.  As we are levelling up we are releasing layers of past stuff.  It’s important that we are taking space to better adjust.  This is a big recalibration we are all going through.  July is going to bring with it some intense energies.  We are being prepared energetically for something huge and July is going to really prepare us for that.  We can expect this years Lionsgate to be extra powerful.  We are in Cancer Season and this will help us with clearing any stuck emotions.  We are releasing a lot of old energies.  This is meant to bring us into better alignment.  It’s through doing more clearing and healing that we can be moved forward to a more positive place.  This is actually a powerful time for relationships, twin flames, and the divine masculine.  This is a good time to focus on your home and family life.  This is powerful energy for doing deep healing or manifesting.  There’s lots of magic in the air.

Manifesting With This Storm

This Space Storm is stirring up the usual elements.  We have lots at play astrological.  This storm is now at its peak.  It’s never been more important that your in control of your mental aspect.  We have a Full Moon in Gemini it’s making you more aware of your conscious programming.  We have Planets shifting in and out of Retrograde.  Venus is direct, this will make your money flow again.  Neptune is moving direct shaking up the illusion and our dreamstates.  Mercury the messenger of the Gods is Retrograde pushing us to let go of the past.  These energetic dynamics are creating gateways.  Sunday is the luckiest day of the year in terms of manifesting.  Your going to ride this energy wave until then.  There are many distractions around you.  This is not the time to allow yourself these distractions.  Your needed to be doing gridwork and manifesting with this storm.  There is a daily war occurring over the main consciousness grid.  Because of this you were unplugged, we had the need to create our own grids.  Your vibration is crucial in keeping them operational.  The fate of humanity lies within your vibration frequency and your intent.  Remain focused on only what you want to materialise with this storm.  The entire Universe is around you, your thoughts are about to form it into your reality.  This is a month of instant manifestation.  Use this gateway for whatever it is your creating.