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Embodying Oneness With All..

45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone per year.  6 billion pounds of turkey meat is consumed yearly.  This meat is usually infected with diseases and parasites.  Let’s not forget most of these turkeys are GMO turkeys that have had tons of vaccines.  As the world comes back to compassion and empathy this must include all life.  You can’t come back to spiritual Oneness and support the killing of any life forms.  If people were to stop buying toxic products then they would stop producing them.  Yes, meat is toxic.  This is a war on your frequency and that’s the fastest way to lower it.  It’s also the easiest way to get your free will consent.  One of the main concerns I see is they don’t actually tell you what’s in your food, by law they don’t have to.  The fastest way to spread diseases and infections is through our food.  Here are some reasons you should ditch the turkey:

-In any meat situation the baby is immediately taken from its mother.  When you eat that energy you absorb that separation programming.  Any pain that animal felt becomes your own energy.  Your eating pure fear frequencies.  

-Their deaths are incredibly painful and traumatic.  When we eat that energy that trauma merges with our own imprints and can activate our genetic receptors for any PTSD found within our bloodlines.

-Free range is a living hell.  Any animal conditions are.  When your buying organic your getting the same food too.  These production areas are destroying the Planet with chemicals and are a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases.  There is no humane way to kill animals.   

-Over a million turkeys die per year in production, that tells you everything you need to know about these conditions.  

-Over a million turkeys a year are boiled alive.  Anything that animal felt will become your energy after eating it.  

-Tryptophan and other hormones actually affect your serotonin levels.  Serotonin regulates your third eye.  So eating meat affects your third eye and your hormones that regulate your moods and your sleep.  

-Eating meat affects your frequency.  You will not be able to access 5D.  You need unconditional love and compassion for all life, not just select groups.  

-Saying no to vaccines, it’s ok they are vaccinating your food.  These vaccines alter your DNA, triggering illness, disease, and rapid aging.  

-GMO meat changes our DNA, and 90% of it is GMO meat.  

-You can look at Thanxgiving as a ritualistic blood sacrifice with all of the animals killed for it.  Please stop to access these holidays and what they stand for.  People are celebrating genocide of many Native cultures.  

Vibrational Frequency..

This all comes down to vibrational frequency.  This determines the dimensions you can access.  The entire matrix agenda is simply to weigh down humanity’s vibration.  Metals never leave the body, building up and continually weighing down people’s frequency more and more.  You need to detox these metals out.  They are in your food, air, and water.  We are mind, body, soul aspects, so you see the infiltration of all three.  Mercury is being used to bind souls.  You see the effects these toxins are having on humanity.  Weaken the soul, kill the body.  Your mind is being hijacked with propaganda and negative programming, the ultimate war for control over your reality.  Your perception makes up the world around you.  To vibrate higher you must take back control of these aspects.  These three are the Holy Trinity.  Aspects that merge into the 5th dimensional lightbody.  Start with the foods your eating.  You need light foods high in life force energy to make this Ascension.  Your food is programming your energy fields.  You are what you eat, or at least it puts you in a certain density.  You will see why food has become the ultimate weapon to keep humanity in lower states of consciousness.  Your spirituality needs to be reflective in all aspects of your life, especially with your food.  Any meat puts you on the frequencies correlating with their containment programs.  Your liberation will require you to see the Oneness in all life.  Widen your compassion at this time.