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The Truth

I see that our country is using woman to push their agenda of separation. Let’s not forget that the only reason woman were sent to work in this country was so the government could raise your children. We are all equal. As in not just the Divine Feminine will stay powerless as long as they keep choosing separateness, so will the Divine Masculine. I have to address this. There are woman still being oppressed, as well as men here. People’s rights are being trampled in Standing Rock everyday. For being so educated the average American has nothing and knows nothing about this world. Our entire media and judicial systems have been compromised beyond repair. Every single aspect of your lives is controlled down to every advertisement, commercial, and sign you see in your everyday lives. Our political system has changed faces, but never changes leaders. Our constitution is a joke at this point, because who will defend it for us. People are starving everyday while the elite have all the resources. Disease is everywhere, this is what happens when we take spirituality out of a society. We are being poisoned on a mass scale; Our air, water, food, and healthcare is designed to kill us. Human trafficking is happening right out in the public, and like everything else our own government is behind it and covering it up. America is now a third world country. Anything you ever believed was all lies designed by your government so that you would stay patriotic while they commuted atrocious acts against humanity; 911 being the best example. You are all being dumbed down so that you can just barely work then die. Your own tax money is paying for this you are paying for your own slavery. Stop helping your government by posting these lies about how great it is here! Everything is not great here! Wake Up!


Knowledge is not contained to one place. The most valuable knowledge I gained was from the many experiences I chose to have. This is why in my journey I have learned that the truth is infinite. This is why no one religion could ever have all the answers. My truth touches on a lot of religions, but I have found that earth doesn’t contain all of the truth. If you want the truth you will find that most of it comes from outside of our planet yet is contained within ourselves. Go within all the knowledge of every Universe is within your DNA. You are infinite!