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On The Energies…

Today we have Venus Retrograde and our Sun merging together for a Venus Star Point.  This is a powerful Venus Portal!  The Venus Star Point is the best day of the year for love and money.  Are you noticing things being shaken up in your love life?  Today is also the day that Venus shifts from an evening star into a morning star.  This Venus Portal is activating your emotions and desires.  Chiron and the asteroid Vesta are very close to this Portal.  That means old wounds are coming up for healing.  Your past wounds and traumas are very much connected to your spiritual purpose and your spiritual gifts.  Vesta is the sacred flame.  She rules sacred sexuality, and was worshipped as a Moon Goddess.  Our Leo Sun is being super charged with Galactic Energies right now.  One portal closes, and another opens today as we wrap up the last of the Lions Gate Energies.  Expect major heart chakra activations today as these energies align us with our own heart.  The Sun is absorbing all of Venuses energy and power.  That makes Wednesday’s Leo New Moon all about love and money too.  Expect a new cycle to begin that will bring new love, abundance, and a lot of creative energies.

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On The Energies…

7:17 brings some big alignments.  It’s our Cancer New Moon.  This Moon is bringing some major New Beginning vibes! It’s helping us to clear karmic situations, and to start anew.  The Lunar Nodes are shifting into Aries and Libra.  This is going to bring a major past life karma clearing, and more clarity on your path.  Your karma is the result of your actions, and cause & effect cycles from previous lifetimes.  This is a chance to clear anything owed out in this lifetime.  The South Node in Libra is helping to shake off codependent issues.  It’s helping to heal past relationship baggage.  We are needing to learn how to put ourselves first, while balancing being of service.  This is also an amazing alignment if you have court issues, or legal things you’re trying to move through! Great for closing out those past karmic cycles.  It’s also a major Galactic Activation Portal Day.  This Moon is bringing a lot of Galactic Energies.  We do the Galactic New Year next week, and kick off the Lions Gate Portal.  This Cancer New Moon is all about going for what you love, and closing out previous karmic cycles.  You may be making huge shifts, closing out karmic contracts, or completing certain situations right now.  As they say your new life is going to cost you your old one.  Trust your own guidance right now, to better help you in navigating these energies.  We have themes around home, family, and security are coming up now.  All about Self Care right now and taking care of your own energy.

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On The Energies…

We are rising up from the ashes of a crumbling patriarchy.  A dying system built upon fear, control, greed, money imbalances, and poverty.  We were molded around this way of life and taught to shut down our senses.  This has caused much traumas that have kept people stuck in a loop within these systems.  Creating a heavy collective karma and deep wounds within the masculine.  This was never a true representative of the Masculine.  The illusions are all falling down.  A new state of human consciousness has arrived in the Planet.  A wave of Wayshowers.  Here to make the Planet a better place.  Humanity is awakening and remembering.  We were made in a higher design.  We are activating our DNA and shifting into higher templates that will no longer support the lower.  The Divine Feminine has deep past life wounds that are coming up to be healed this life.  We are clearing generational trauma like never before.  People need the Feminine now more then ever.  The mother and priestess are needed.  Your needed to heal on every level.  This will help the collective to heal.  The Feminine is birthing the New Earth through her sacral.  Shifting us into a state of love, peace, and abundance.  We are all feeling the rise of the Divine Feminine.  The Goddess within.  Your intuition is being activated.  Your third eye is awakening.  The call of the feminine is activating your heart chakra and helping you to remember.  This transition may look different as we all move through it.  If things are crumbling let them.  We are only clearing power struggles.  Some of this is from the incoming ascension energies.  The energies are rising to a point where they will only support the real.  Here the call coming from within.  Tune into your heart and soul for guidance.  It knows the way back to Source.  Trust in the New and the path ahead.  Your being reconnected with your emotional body.  A cleansing is occurring within these energies.  The energies of the old are clearing.  New areas of your body are activating.  You should be feeling things on a deeper level.