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On The Energies…

This weeks Aquarius Full Moon, which is July 23rd/ 24th will be extra powerful.  This Full Moon is going to help take us into the Energies of Leo Season and the Lions Gate Portal.  Leo Season starts July 23rd.  We are very much needing the fire and the fierce vibes it will bring.  Expect some major boosts in the energy this Leo Season.  It’s a great time to get passionate about something you can do that’s creative.  The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 28th to August 12th.  The Lions Gate will peak on 8/8.  During the 8/8 Portal the star Sirius moves super close to the Earth and aligns with Orion.  We can expect an energetic shower of light codes to steam into the Earth.  We are able to use these to bring through healings and activations.  It’s a great time to work with the Energies of Sirius or Orion.  The rest of July will bring some major growth.  Some of you may be making Big Shifts or shedding energies that are no longer in alignment with your path.  Go with the flow and have some fun! This month also brings us a Triple Meteor Shower.  July 30th we are still in the Piscis Austrinid Meteor Shower, and the Southern δ-Aquariid & α-Capricornid Meteor Showers both peak.  This is going to add to the Manifesting Energies.  Many of you have been guided to rest more over the past week.  Your body is integrating a lot of Energies.  This is to prepare you for the Upgrades coming with the rest of the month.  It’s a great time to get back on track with your manifesting.  Expect positive financial shifts over the next week.  Make sure your putting in the work to make that happen though.  This week’s Aquarius Full Moon is going to help you get back on track with things.  This Full Moon will also be assisting with the collective in a major way.  Many of you are being guided to help with the collective in some type of way.  This Full Moon will really help those of you that are on a mission, or are being guided to begin one.

art: @astro.luisa

On These Equinox Energies…

We are in the middle of a massive storm.  There is a massive portal open.  We have a lot unfolding right now so it’s very important that we are staying in a space of love.  We are seeing most of the Planet going into a quarantine.  We are going to go through a massive transition.  Everything we know will be restructured.  We have finally reached such a frequency that the old fear based structures must go.  We are going to see all of the schools close.  Many businesses will close as well.  Only the basics will stay open during this transition.  These quarantines will last longer then most people are aware of.  During this time all of the debt will be wiped.  A new quantum financial system will be installed.  There is a huge purge happening behind the scenes.  A lot of darkness is being removed.  A massive clean up.  We have the potential to shift into new ways of living.  Systems that support a state of abundance for all.  There is a lot of fear in the collective right now.  We need to remember that this is part of our Awakening.  There is a huge liberation occurring.  You will be taken care of during this time.  Today is also the Equinox.  There is a lot of energy coming in right now.  The best thing we can do is continue to keep our frequencies high.  Take a break and recalibrate your energy.  The Equinox is meant to bring us back into balance.

We will be doing a global meditation tomorrow to bring healing to ourselves and the collective.  This is a powerful energy that we can be using to make a huge change.  For sure sign up if you haven’t…


Preparing For The Event..

It’s time to imagine the impossible.  Many still feel things are tipped against our favour during these times.  This is a period of great transformation.  While your learning to navigate the nature of reality your making many timeline jumps.  We are making preparations for the grand finale in all of this, an Event of monumental proportions.   A massive collision of sorts, the ultimate timeline merger.  Things are changing on a vibrational level.  The frequencies of the Universe and once again being accessed and embodied.  More purification is needed to being this final fruition into manifestation.  A Heaven on Earth of sorts.  The ultimate attainment Oneness on all levels.  The higher dimensions are coming more and more into focus.  Your frequencies are just Now reaching a place where we can work with you as channels.  The work you are doing is only a glimpse.  We are moving towards, once again, becoming a Galactic society.  Your planet has become a reflection of separateness in every way, very real causes and effects that have led us all here.  This has led to a calling then can not be ignored.  We sent those to you that have come from Galactic Unity.  Those that work with and translate our frequencies.  It’s is necessary for you to raise your vibration to these frequencies at this time.  Tune in from within.