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On The Energies…

Hopefully you can feel all of this energy.  We have so much energy still from last nights Pisces Full Moon.  It’s going to make today extra dreamy.  Today is a good day to try to stick to your normal routine.  We are in Virgo Season so it’s very important that we are getting to work.  Much of this work will be found in fixing our lives and in our healing.  We have a ton of energy coming in still.  Earths magnetic field has been “rumbling” since the 28th.  We are moving through a fast flowing solar wind stream right now.  This energy is flowing through a northern hole in the Suns atmosphere.  There is a powerful combination of lunar, solar, and galactic energies that we are feeling.  We are going to continue to see an increase in these storms, bursts, and flares.  This is energy being streamed through our Sun.  This energy is coming straight from our Source.  These are particles of light.  They are filled with light codes that are changing us physically and spiritually.  These waves of high frequency energy are triggering the activation of your dormant DNA strands.  As the frequencies are going up your body must adjust to the new resonance.  These new energies are upgrading you in every way.  It’s also activating and bringing your light body online.  You may be feeling disoriented as we have been making some massive shifts lately.  Some of you may also be a little sleepy.  Celestial events really tend to disturb or disrupt our sleep cycles.  You may be feeling an increase in your psychic connection, feeling your intuition more and more, knowing your path, seeing things before they happen, deja-vu, pressure in the head, ringing in the ears, hearing frequencies, an increase in synchronicity, angel codes or numbers, instant manifestation, feeling or sensing different energies or even spirits, lucid dreaming, astral encounters, tuning into new abilities.  Full Moons represent completion.  This Full Moon should have taught you to take good care of your body.  You also may be really feeling this energy in your third eye or crown.  We have been going through a lot of activations within the upper chakras.  This energy is getting us ready for the Autumn Equinox.  Remember as you do the inner work that’s how you change the outer situations in your life.  Everything is always responding to your energy.  We can expect some massive shifts in the next months as these energies continue to increase.

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