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On The Energies…

This week is bringing some New Energies and some powerful Gateway Energies.  The 333 Portal is already very much Open.  The waves of Ascension Energies streaming in have kicked off a Geomagnetic Storm.  We are seeing tons of Solar Winds.  These Energies are powerful and are packed full of New Crystalline Light Codes.  Think of these Light Codes as the Key Codes needed to activate your DNA.  They are also activating and turning on your entire Soul Blueprint.  Your Soul Blueprint contains information for your journey, lessons, and even purpose.  This is all being Upgraded.  Many of you are Starseeds and are now remembering that you came from higher realms or even different Star Systems.  There is a Deep Healing that is taking place within these Energies.  We are clearing a lot of traumas.  Some of these traumas go deep into past lives, or were even were passed down from our ancestors.  Doing some type of Energy Work will really help with this process.  The Dreamy Vibes will continue this week as we continue through Pisces Season.  You may be feeling more sensitive to different energies while in this element.  The 333 Portal will bring a Major Shift in the  Energies.  The number 3 represents creativity, joy, psychic abilities, third eye activation and the holy trinity.  333 is a sign that angels and ascended masters are guiding and assisting you with your ascension journey.  This Gateway is massive for Twin Flames and anyone in or coming into Divine Union.  This Gateway will also bring a major Shift for the Divine Masculine.  Pay attention to any messages you may be receiving from your angels.  If your seeing  reoccurring numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 know there is a message encoded in each number.

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Karmic Patterns and Spiritual Connections

Souls are not randomly drawn together. We find ourselves in the same time and space for a reason. Our experiences and energetic imprints mirror each other on a major level. Many souls came here and took on some heavy karmic imprints, and the templates to clear for their entire family. Our relationships serve to dig up and heal and unresolved karmic templates. Everything we are experiencing here is to prepare us for intense soul level healing. All relationships are a mirror, either a soul mirror or a shadow mirror. Spiritual connections mirror the light from our soul to us, and karmic connections mirror the darkness from your soul.