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On The Energies…

We are now feeling the Sirius Gateway.  Expect a huge influx of energies this week.  This is one of 4 Yearly Sirius Gateways.  Every year from July 3rd- 7th a gateway of energy opens between Earth and Sirius.  During this time Sirius is the closest to Earth and our Sun is farthest away.  We are in a binary relationship with Sirius.  Our solar system has two Suns.  We have our Sun and Sirius, our Spiritual Sun.  Sirius is not only the brightest star in our sky, it’s our second Sun.  Our Sun is actually a binary star.  We can think of it as the younger sibling of Sirius.  Sirius is not a single star.  It’s already a dual binary.  That makes it a triple star system.  We have a rebirth theme playing out within these energies.  The first week of July is going to bring a massive surge of high frequency energies.  Expect a huge influx of Light Codes.  That means expect major DNA upgrades this week.  This is a powerful week for doing clearing and activation work.  Sirius is also where the souls of the dead go when they leave earth.  That’s why there are a lot of message coming through.  Pay attention to things coming through from the other side right now.   Your loved ones and guides are coming through a little extra during this time.  The next few weeks are an important space for tuning into your dreams and intuition.  Sometimes we are getting the best guidance by how we feel about something.  If your getting a psychic feeling about something right now trust it.

Sirius Gateway…

It’s the last day of June and we prepare for the New Energies coming with July.  We are starting to feel the Energies of the Sirius Gateway that is open from July 3rd-7th.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun, behind our Sun.  Sirius is a Gateway to Heaven.  The star system Sirius is aligning with our Sun right now.  Right now the Sun is at it’s farthest point from Earth, and Sirius is at a closer point.  This means we are able to receive more of its energy.  These high frequency energies are the start of Heaven on Earth, a new 5th dimensional reality.  This Gateway is letting a ton of Galactic energies through.  Many of you have been feeling the upgrades that have kept coming from the Solstice.  Expect the DNA upgrade to get even stronger as we move through this week and next week.  We will be really feeling the energies of Sirius, and many other portals and gateways that open up through the next couple of months.  During this time of year the Galactic Center aligns with Sirius and Earth.  We are going to see massive surges of energy coming through this year, like never before.  That means we are going through a lot of Lightbody Activation through July.  Make sure your eating foods that are good for you.  More fruits, vegetable, and algae’s will help.  If you are a Starseed or an Earth Angel these energies are for you.  You may be feeling the energies a little extra though.  Expect a lot of downloads or information to come to you.  We are going through a huge expansion of consciousness so fast.  These Light Codes are packed full of instructions for your DNA.  As things are switching on and activating new knowledge is coming to you.  This is amazing energy to be using for healing too!


The Solar Event..

We had a high spike on the Schumann Resonance at 54 HZ followed by a frequency crash, then another spike to 36 HZ.  What are considered normal values are changing within these new frequencies.  We are within a geomagnetic storm right now.  Those that are sensitive to energies are probably feeling the effects of the Solar energies hitting right now.  These are cosmic energies that are being released through the Sun. Usually we are protected by the Earth’s magnetic field.  Since the Earth is going through her own Lightbody upgrades and changes in electrical frequency, we are left more open to this energy.  These high energetic storms are going to continue to intensify.  This is changing our density and moving us to higher energetic planes.  This is not going to play out one Solar event,  but as a series of events that lead up to one large Event..