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On The Energies

The Pleiades aligns with our Crescent Moon tonight!  The Pleiades always start showing up when we do the Solstice.  Expect them to rise with the morning Solstice Sun Wednesday.  Expect a ton of Pleiadian Energies today making the energies quite high.  On the 17th we have a 5 Planet Parade.  Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury line up just hours before the New Moon.  This rare planetary alignment is visible about an hour before Sunrise.  Sunday is our Gemini New Moon.  This Moon is extra strong as it’s going to be followed immediately by the Solstice.  It’s a time to recharge and to replenish your energy.  It’s a great time to really think about your life and the changes you need to make.  The Solstice Gateway is open and an amazing time to be tapping into the abundance it’s bringing with it.  The Sun is also getting ready to not only change seasons, but to shift into Cancer.  Major next chapter vibes are on the air.  Expect major DNA and Lightbody Energies.  Great time to be tapping into the energies of the Solstice for doing healing work.

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On The Energies…

Today and tomorrow our Crescent Moon is aligned with the Pleiades.  It’s a great time to see the sparkling blue stars of the Pleiades.  The Pleiades will be rising in the early morning sky.  They are visible in the East just before Sunrise.  Next week is the Solstice! It’s the longest day and the shortest night of the year.  For thousands of years the stars have helped us to mark the passing of time and the beginning of new seasons.  They help us find our way.  When the Pleiades appear we know that the Solstice is close.  The 18th is our Gemini New Moon.  It may be invisible though, or hard to see.  It’s a great time to see the Milky Way though.  Everything is wide open now because of the Solstice giving us a great view of it.   The Solstice is the 21st.  Expect the energies to begin to rise today thru tomorrow, peaking for the Solstice.  It’s a great time to be working your magic and to be focusing on your manifestations.  This is the best time to be putting out good intentions about the future.  The Solstice Energies will be bringing huge shifts.  It’s a great time to be using these energies for healing!

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On The Energies…

Happy Solstice Eve! We have some major energies pouring in right now from our Central Sun.  Earth is aligned in a powerful way right now with our Sun and the Galactic Center of our Milky Way.  We are receiving a huge surge of Galactic and Solar Energies right now.  For the Northern Hemisphere the Solstice begins tomorrow at 4:48pm New York Time.  Earth will be at its maximum tilt, 23.5 degrees, away from the Sun.  This is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  That makes it one of the darkest times as well.  You may be feeling tired, or in other dimensions this week as we have shifted into such a powerful Galactic Alignment with our Galactic Center.  We are receiving major DNA upgrades/ and Light Body Activations right now.  Christmas brings a rebirth energetically.  The Solstice pulls back the veil allowing us to tap into the energies.  It’s a time for deeper insights and healing.  It’s a great time to clean and clear your home.  All about clearing the energies of the last year.  We will see a Christmas Star, or Star of Bethlehem this year for Christmas Eve.  It’s always a really good sign when the Planets are visible during Christmas.  Also keep an eye out for Shooting Stars this week.  The Ursids Meteor Shower peaks midnight of the Solstice.  It’s a great time for doing healing work, meditating, baths, warm teas, candles and extra rest.

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