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Love without having a reason and love unconditionally. Give without having any reason too, and give to those that can’t give anything back. For anyone thinking they have nothing to give, you have endless time you can donate. Make the most of living in the Now. Be grateful for everything you have because there are those that have it much worse then us. There are many that incarnated here to help save this planet. Earth won’t be saved with money though, it will be with love. So donate some love today, and help save the planet.

Shift: 11:11

11 11 twin flame soulsThis is exactly what my twin flame and I are doing today! We are travelers of time and space. We use our love to shift in and out of parallel Universes. All you have to do is shift from fear to love. There are traps everywhere today, soul traps intending to keep you trapped in a lower reality. So instead focus on love. It’s with love that we will raise the vibration of the entire planet. There is no greater force in the Universe then Divine love..