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On The Energies…

The energies of 1/11 today are the start of a new month.  November is going to bring some big energies and some big shifts.  You can feel the new beginning vibes in the air as we are preparing for Thursday’s Scorpio New Moon.  The Ascension Energies coming into the Planet are bringing us into a higher frequency.  Right now the veil continues to be at its thinnest. We are going to be really feeling how open things are, over the next few weeks.  This weeks Scorpio New Moon will really be activating your intuition.  It will take you to higher levels of awareness.  Expect it to bring some massive third eye upgrades.  There are big shifts happening and a lot of old energies clearing.  Many of you are in fact helping with this process through the healing work that your doing.  That’s why your feeling a calling so deeply to heal more.  We are actually getting ready for next week’s 11/11 Portal.  November also brings us Eclipse Season.  We also have a powerful alignment with the Pleiades.  This month is all about following your soul and where it’s guiding you.  We are going to see a huge amount of light codes coming in with November’s energies.  They are so powerful, to tap into, for manifesting and doing healing activation work.  Expect the upgrades to intensify as we wrap up 2021.  The 11/11 Portal is huge for bringing you into a deeper alignment.  It’s a powerful space for love, and Divine Union.  We are going to see themes play out with Money and Love this month as we move towards a lot of Venus energy with the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse that occurs 11/18.  Some may be clearing blocks in these areas.  Expect positive financial and relationship shifts.  Make sure your following your guidance a little extra when it comes to matters in both areas.  Today is an amazing day to set intentions.  We have so much untapped potential that lies in this space.  We are exactly half way til the Winter Solstice.  As we are in this darker space we are being reminded that it is the darkness that we create.  The next few months will be powerful for seeding the new.  It’s a time to focus on your dreams and what you want in your life.  The first few months of 2022 will be bringing you what your working on manifesting now.

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On The Energies…

We are still in a lot of Galactic Energies.  Tonight is the finale of the Arcturus Gateway we have been in.  That means that our Sun is still very much in alignment with Arcturus right now and and we are still receiving a ton of these light codes.  You may be feeling expansion in the heart chakra.  Your probably already feeling tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon too.  Aries rules the root chakra.  This energy is meant to help you to clear any power struggles, or anything blocking your power.  This Full Moon may be bringing up any traumas that need healed.  We just had Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all shift direct.  That means the flow of the energy has shifted and we are integrating a lot of energies and lessons learned.  It’s time to clear and release the heavy energies of Retrograde Season.  These energies are meant to help you in shedding the past.  We kick off Scorpio Season this week too.  Scorpio Season is from October 23rd to November 21st.  Scorpio Season brings us Samhain.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and takes us into the Underworld.  That’s why things tend to get more spooky this time of year.  You will start to feel things more deeply now.  The veil is pulled back and will continue to thin as we move closed towards Samhain.  This Scorpio Season is a time to go deep within your connections.  You may be much more tuned in telepathically, or just able to read the vibrations.  You may be able to sense of someone needs you easier.  You may be guided to get rid of any superficial connections.  Scorpio Season is a great time to get passionate.  It’s a time if heightened magic.  Expect some gorgeous shooting stars this week too.  We have the peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower the night of October 20th thru the morning of October 21st.  We will feel the energies of this one a little bit extra since it’s the debris from Halley’s Comet raining down on us.  There have been some spectacular fireballs already this week.

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November’s Forecast…

This weekends Full Moon has opened its own Pleiadian Portal.  We have incoming ascension waves as we are still feeling these energies.  Taurus is known to create there own storms and we are still feeling the effects of the last Full Moon.  The veil is still super thin.  It’s a good time to see things clearly or to better tune into any guidance your receiving.  November will be powerful and we are being encouraged to ground more as we navigate through the rest of Scorpio Season.  Winter is on the way so the Pleaides are rising.  It’s the best time of year to see the Pleiades.  November is going to bring so many Galactic energies with it.  This month begins with a comet and ends with the start of Eclipse Season.  We can expect to also see a tons of meteor showers, fireballs, portals, and a Super Moon.  It’s also going to get dark a little earlier.  This is the time to also see the constellation Orion.  The Hunter will rise after sunset all month.  The Orionids Meteor Shower is still going on until November 7th.  This has been an amazing assistance with clearing past life karma or family karma from Orion.  Comet NEOWISE is also back this month.  Keep your eyes out for it around the 10th.  Comets bring a lot of magic with them and the energy of November is pure magic.  The North Taurids Meteor Shower is known for bringing extra bright fireballs with it, and this year it may be a little extra.  The Leonids Meteor Shower will also be spectacular this year as the Earth passes through the debris left by Comet Tempel-Tuttle.  This month’s Scorpio New Moon is also the last of the three Super Moons we have had in a row.  It will complete a cycle.  While we may not see this Moon so great, we will feel the effects.  Expect this one to really affect the oceans and tides.  This month’s Full Frosty Moon will be the start of Eclipse Season.  It’s also a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.  Expect this Eclipse to open a powerful doorway.  We are being prepared to fully handle the energies of this year’s Winter Solstice.  This is a powerful time to make big shifts.  We are instant manifesting like never before.  It’s a great time to get outside and to soak up some meteor showers or shooting stars.

Meteor Showers:

2nd-7th Orionids Meteor Shower, 4th-5th South Taurids Meteor Shower, 11th-12th North Taurids Meteor Shower, 17th Leonids Meteor Shower, and the 21st Monocerotid Meteor Shower.