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Sagittarius Super Full Blood Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse…

Tonight is the Sagittarius Full Moon.  It’s also several events in one as it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Super Moon, and a Blood Moon.  It’s the first of 4 Eclipses that will happen this year.  This Eclipse is bringing some powerful Cosmic Energies with it.  Blood Moons are always connected to tons of prophecies, and can be seen as a sign of the times changing.  This Moon is also a Super Moon and we are still seeing a massive surge of Galactic Energies, many of them Pleiadian.  Eclipses have powerful effects on human consciousness.  This Eclipse Gateway is a Portal to major changes.  This Eclipse is going to assist you in shifting your mindset.  Your realising your capable of so much more.  This Eclipse Season is all about the personal transformation your going through.  It’s very much a caterpillar to butterfly moment.  June will bring much higher frequency energies and tons of DNA activations with it.  We are moving to a higher level of consciousness within these energies.  This Eclipse is getting us ready.  This energy may bring lots to the surface.  The Moon tends to do that, and we have triple Moon power energies going on.  You can expect the past and the future to collide in all sorts of surprising ways.  Pay attention to what is coming up for healing at this time.  This weeks energies are bringing a Cosmic Reset, and are all about cleansing and clearing.  This energy is helping us to release old emotions or attachments. We also have several planets in retrograde.  It’s a great time to do some cord cutting, or extra saging.

Reaching The Galactic Center..

We have some amazing astrological alignments about to occur.  We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday.  This will be the Strawberry Moon.  This Moon will be just a few degrees from the Galactic Center.  This will cause a major shift in the energies, amplifying the frequencies.  We have a lot of Neptune influence right now reminding us that this is also a dream state.  As we are coming back into our psychic awareness, reality as we know it is changing.  We have a lot of fire influence with this shift.  Lots of cosmic energies have been flooding this Planet changing the frequency.  There is a major release and cleansing occurring to prepare for the energy shifts about to occur.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is a planet of expansion and knowledge.  This energy shift will lead us into the Summer Solstice.  This symbolises a changing of the seasons prior to us entering the Eclipse season.  It’s a good time to turn inward.  Take some time to work on your own energy.  We have several retrogrades coming next month  and the energy will only be continuing to go up in frequency.

I will be at Stonehenge the Summer Solstice.  I’ll be doing activations from there, if your interested in signing up see the special event section of our store..