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New Earth United…

We are entering the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is a vibrational spectrum in our time and space continuum. It has spiraled our planet and our entire galaxy into this vibration. Our planet is realigning itself electromagnetically as the influx of cosmic energy has changed. The planet is becoming magnetized to the 4th dimension. This is going to cause some major interruptions. The energies are changing and so are people’s thoughts. This is disturbing the energy patterns found within the Ley Lines. This is causing unstable heat. The children incarnating here, now, already match the new frequencies. There is going to be an increase in negative entities while this transition is occurring. This is temporary. As we are entering the 4th dimension things are splitting. Some people are going on to the 4th dimension. This is a place of service-to-others. The people that are service-to-self will go to another planet to repeat another cycle in 3D. Anyone to remain on this planet will be of a positive polarity. Lots of people will come here from other places. Many will come from the inner planes, inner civilizations, and other dimensions.


I am a wanderer. I incarnated here from a higher density, I came here from the 6th density with my twin flame. We came into this 3rd density planet with an entire soul group. We are on a specific mission to assist humanity with their graduation into the 4th density. The only issue is that many wanderers are still lost, you have to wake up to your mission. There is great danger of coming here and remaining lost. Not everyone will graduate this life. So please prioritize your energy better. Work on harvesting any seeds that are growing. Have discernment between those choosing to awake and those choosing to stay asleep.