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The World Is Waking Up..

The world is waking up.  Many people are awakening from a very numbing existence.  One in which people follow the masses.  Awakening is a disorienting process, seeing through the illusion has the tendency to crash your entire reality in.  Our perception is shifting.  We live in a world with more emphasis on the material then human life.  One in which your health is being sold to the highest bidder.  The poisoning of children is regarded as healing.  The things making you sick, never questioned.  The non compliant are singled out and targeted, all tax payer funded.  A world in which souls are traded and waged for in the unseen.  A place where the government has more interest in keeping you in low frequencies, never-mind their contracted survives they claim to provide.  Systems with more interest in manipulating your DNA, through metals and carcinogens then public policy.  These genetic manipulations are playing out on catastrophic levels as most of the first wave approaches Alzheimer’s.  The third wave often arrives to their fate of autism.  The state of the world is meant to be just as it is.  Many people are awakening angry, you can see this reflected in the protests occurring.  We are awakening to a more conscious existence.  A new world is being born of this.  One in which no human will be able to harm another.  One where government law is set aside for Universal harmony.  The world is waking up and as it does it will see.  

The End Of An Era..

The awakening is occurring all around us.  Even the sleeping can see there is something occurring here.  The 3D constructs of fear and imposed will are over.  Humanity is remembering their Divine potential.  This will be a time when humanity takes back its power.  The sleepers are becoming more angry and fearful as they try to cling to that illusion.  The ultimate control drama is about to play out.  A battle between these systems and the people.  Both will lose.  The world as we know it is expanding and evolving, opening up the higher realms.  This is our first attempt at transitioning an entire Planet into higher densities.  Let go of how you think things should be.  These dramas are needed to wake the masses.  This ascension requires people to get authentic.  These are the events set to make it happen.  My question is.  What happens when the police and world armies awaken? Your seeing in many protest areas police are joining the people or taking off their combat gear refusing to participate.  What happens in their game of chess when the pieces refuse to play? It’s time to understand we all played our role in creating this.  We are seeing their illusion crumble.  Fear has never brought power.  Spiritual purity is the only power.  The light in which we stand is rewriting the future of humanity.  We were asked here to create something better.  These control drama were never serving us.  It’s time we learn to govern ourselves through better actions.  

Breaking Any Karma To These Systems

People are still observing their lessons with a degree of separation.  Each lesson has been you.  You have spent this journey observing yourself through your lessons.  It was to teach you how people have been affected by even the smallest of your choices.  There are many still entangled in karmic webs at this time.  We came to break the chains binding us.  Stop viewing the government as something separate then a mirror of yourself.  This is the shadow side of your soul.  If your entangled within these systems then you must see how you ended up there.  You not only were these systems in your past lives, but you have hurt people this life with your actions to have even become involved with them.  That pain your experiencing is only a fraction of the collective pain you have caused this cycle.  Your lessons this life were orchestrated to wake you Now.  You can only progress forward to higher consciousness when you let go what you have lost.  We came to set aside our lives for the greater good.  This was a sacrifice you agreed upon.  Once you heal you will get back anything that was taken from you.  People are looking at these systems as an absolute power.  In doing this your giving away your faith in the Universe.  These government hold no more authority then you do.  People forget the Universe can move those mountains for you in a minute.  This journey was to make you come back to your spiritual self.  Instead many people became that very hate back.  People have become bitter with these systems, not understanding the Universe uses them to serve people their karma.  That hate is destroying humanity and the ones holding it are seen one in the same with the things they hate.  There is no separation.  Instead of fighting the Universe you need to come back to love.  Only through turning that hate to love will you Ascend this cycle.  

Dismantling Fear Based Reptile Systems

We must dismantle any 3D fear based Reptile systems that are still running. We are all reprogramming ourselves to love and abundance. I know there are those that think this revolution will be played out politically, but this is a revolution of consciousness that is fought within. We are here to dismantle anything not serving us or corrupt, we do that by getting rid of this operating system. We are getting rid of negativity permanently and learning that if we stay positive it brings positive results. Please remember that the only thing you can control is your own life and your own vibration. Once we all shift back to unconditional love these entities that have humanity enslaved can’t exist. Sending you all Divine love of the highest twin flame frequencies.


I have seen so many lightworkers posting about how Trump is of light and helping save the planet. I’ve even seen articles where they call him St. Germain. Trump is not of light or he wouldn’t be destroying our water with the Dakota Access Pipeline. Let me break it down for you. The same handful of Elite are running out planet and Trump carries on where Obama left off with the Elites agenda. Actually it’s a sophisticated hologram we live in, so you can’t take things as they seem. Trump is just another false prophet. Maybe people will learn that Trump is just signing things, he has no control over any decisions. The same group is still in power until we decide we have had enough.

The Truth

I see that our country is using woman to push their agenda of separation. Let’s not forget that the only reason woman were sent to work in this country was so the government could raise your children. We are all equal. As in not just the Divine Feminine will stay powerless as long as they keep choosing separateness, so will the Divine Masculine. I have to address this. There are woman still being oppressed, as well as men here. People’s rights are being trampled in Standing Rock everyday. For being so educated the average American has nothing and knows nothing about this world. Our entire media and judicial systems have been compromised beyond repair. Every single aspect of your lives is controlled down to every advertisement, commercial, and sign you see in your everyday lives. Our political system has changed faces, but never changes leaders. Our constitution is a joke at this point, because who will defend it for us. People are starving everyday while the elite have all the resources. Disease is everywhere, this is what happens when we take spirituality out of a society. We are being poisoned on a mass scale; Our air, water, food, and healthcare is designed to kill us. Human trafficking is happening right out in the public, and like everything else our own government is behind it and covering it up. America is now a third world country. Anything you ever believed was all lies designed by your government so that you would stay patriotic while they commuted atrocious acts against humanity; 911 being the best example. You are all being dumbed down so that you can just barely work then die. Your own tax money is paying for this you are paying for your own slavery. Stop helping your government by posting these lies about how great it is here! Everything is not great here! Wake Up!

Liberate Your Soul

The most amazing thing I have ever experienced would be liberation from this plane. Whether you know it or not you are living in a hologram. This is a school, I call is prison planet. We are all being held in place by political systems and religious institutions. These systems ensure that we do what we are supposed to, which is to work. Until you wake up and free yourself you are a slave. I say this because when you follow these systems you don’t go to heaven, like you were promised, you essentially reincarnate over and over again. It’s like a lot of people here have gotten trapped on a reincarnation loop,  and extraterrestrials are taking your next life’s. Please remember that what we are seeing here, in this plane, is actually a very limited aspect of who we are and what is really going on. We all are working with very limited information. The goal here is to liberate yourself, this would be the process of Ascension. Just in case you needed more incentive. This is not optional. Everyone is going through this process and in the end only Divine love will remain.