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Energetic Vampires

I woke up and suddenly realized I was being harvest energetically. My roommate, at the time, was an energetic vampire that was feeding off of my energy. Empaths often become vampire food for energetic vampires. This is a lot more common then you might think. When someone is cut off from Source they often times latch on to others that have a good connection. These entities can drain someone from affair with even a thought of the person. A lot of the narcissistic/ empath relationships are designed to teach the empath valuable energetic lessons. It was because of these lessons that I woke up and realized the importance of my energy. Make sure you cut your cords and put yourselves in white light often when dealing with these types of people. The best option always will be to get rid of any relationships not serving your highest good.


I am an empath. This is a person with a paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. In today’s time this is seen as a rare quality. Let’s face it narcissism is rewarded in today’s society. But there was a time when everyone was psychic and empathic. Narcissism is caused by a closed heart chakra. That means one who is empathic is just someone with an open heart chakra. When our heart chakra is strong it allows us to have more compassion. To be a good healer you need lots of love. We were all born with amazing gifts. Mine were dormant my whole life until I began activating my DNA strands. We will go back to all being empathic and psychic, that is what we are all working on now. Spiritual purity is the key you need to unlock your powers.