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  • Empathy And Compassion

    Empathy And Compassion



    This energy is a good time for you to realize you may be at a place where you should be requesting more Galactic assistance.  It may feel like your alone, or isolated, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If people could realize the interconnectedness of everything they might show more compassion. This New…

  • Full Moon In Virgo

    Big shifts are about to happen as we will be having daylight savings time begin March 12th as well as a full moon. We are already in Venus retrograde which started March 4th and lasts until April 15th. This full moon will be in Virgo at 22 degrees. This month may feel like a roller…

  • Manifesting

    This energy is extremely high for manifesting, so use it for your advantage. Start writing down your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Because of the Pisces element, we are in, its ideal to manifest the feelings you want rather then physical or material things. There is great power in manifesting feelings or a different state of…

  • Last Quarter Moon

    The 19th will be the last quarter moon. The last quarter moon is exact when the Sun in Aquarius forms a square with the moon in Scorpio. This moon is bringing with it a crisis in consciousness. Last week we had a full moon, this had us in the light of awareness. We now have…

  • Full Moon Energy Shifts



    Full moon energy shift, here are some things you might be feeling or experiencing: Nightmares or intense dreams, or not being able to sleep. Moodiness or agitation. Needing to be alone. Body aches.