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December’s Meteor Shower Guide/ Peaks

December 14: Geminids Meteor Shower

December 22: Ursids Meteor Shower

December 7: Puppid-Velids Meteor Shower

December 9: December Monocerotids Meteor Shower

December 9: Sigma Hydrids Meteor Shower

December 16: Comae Berenicids Meteor Shower

December 19: December Leonis Minorids Meteor Shower

December 19: December Leonis Minorids Meteor Shower

December 6: Phi Cassiopeiids Meteor Shower

art: @luxoryworldtraveler

This Months Meteor Showers!

10/5- Peak of the Camelopardalid Meteor Shower.

10/8 Peak of the Draconid Meteor Shower.

10/10- Peak of the Southern Taurid Meteor Shower.

10/11- Peak of the δ-Aurigid Meteor Shower.

10/18- Peak of the ε-Geminid Meteor Shower.

10/21 – Peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower.

10/24- Peak of the Leonis Minorid Meteor Shower.

art: @editing.sunrises

Triple Meteor Shower Peaks Today…

Today is a special day.  We are in the peak of 3 Meteor Showers.  We have the Piscis Austrinids Meteor Shower, The Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower, and the Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower raining down Star Dust on us.  Meteor Showers are meant to be a sign that there’s something much bigger then ourselves that we are very much a part of.  Today all magic is heightened.  It’s great energies for connecting with the Stars.  We are doing a Meteor Shower Activation today too…


art: @youniverc