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Autumn Equinox

You should be feeling the energies as tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox.  The Sun will pass over the celestial equator.  Tomorrow the length of day and night will be the same.  The balance of light is shifting and the seasons are changing.  Get ready for shorter days.  This will also bring us into the darker half of the year.  As we move into fall we enter a period of darkness, often thought of as the underworld.  It’s an amazing energy as the veil is very thin.  This means you should be receiving more messages and even guidance.  Really pay attention to your intuition right now.  We also are shifting out of Virgo Season and into Libra Season.  Libra season technically begins September 23rd when the Sun enters Libra.  The energy will really lighten up this shift as we delve into the element of air.  It’s all about coming into balance.  Libra is all about peace and harmony.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.   We can expect to go through a lot of activations within the heart chakra the next few weeks.  Mars is still in retrograde so take care with your relationships.  This is a time to celebrate as we near the Harvest Moon, which will occur October 1st.  Our ancestors used to use the Equinox’s to perform ceremonies or rituals.  This energy is known to awaken your spiritual powers.  Things are beginning to feel chaotic as the frequencies have gotten much higher.  We have a lot continuing to happen alongside this ascension.  That’s why it’s so important that we are coming back into balance during this time.  This is meant to be a time of celebration.  It’s a powerful time to be in gratitude.

We are doing a live guided meditation tomorrow at 5pm.  This is a powerful energy to be activated in.  You just sign up and we email you the link to the Facebook group we are using to live stream in…


New Moon In Virgo…

We have a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow.  This is actually a Super Moon.  This means the Moon will be much closer to Earth.  This makes the gravitation pull between the Moon and Earth much more intense.  It also influences your emotions much more.  This energy will feel much like a Full Moon.  We have some intense energies on the way as this energy will lead us into next weeks Autumn Equinox.  This New Moon will actually open a portal leading us into a 2 week window of pure magic.  It’s very important that your not only staying positive, but mindful that your manifesting.  A New Moon is always strongest the two weeks following it, but this Moon is charged with the power of the Equinox.  This New Moon is also bringing a new cycle with it.  Now is the time to visualise what you would like the rest of your year to look like.  This New Moon is also bringing through much wisdom from the Earth.  We will have 6 planets in Earth signs with this New Moon.  We have the Sun and Moon in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.  These are powerful placements when it comes to making some big shifts, or changes in your life.  This is adding some power to your manifestations, so this is not the time to worry or be stressed.  It’s time to get organised and to get focused on your goals.  This is also an amazing time to connect with the elemental realms.  Your being reminded that you can find magic anywhere you look for it.  It’s a good time to go play with the fairies or to get outside barefoot.  This energy should be grounding and it is the last energy of Virgo Season.  It’s a powerful time for grounding and planting our intentions.  Pay attention to how your feeling in these energies.  You should feel rested and recharged this shift.  If your not, time to clear more blockages.  This Moon should be illuminating areas you need to keep working on.  This Supermoon will be the first of three Supermoons over the next couple of months.  The energy of these three Super Moons will lead us into the next Eclipse Season.  Decembers Solar Eclipse to open a massive portal of energy.

We are coming together to do a meditation tomorrow.  It is something you do have to purchase to join, but consider this your invite.  I would love for you to sign up!


On The Energies…

There is so much magic in the air.  We are still in a geomagnetic storm.  We are in a very powerful solar wind stream right now.  We have tons of incoming waves of ascension energies and they are picking up in intensity.  Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Pisces.  This will be our final Moon of the Summer.  This will be the Corn Moon.  September’s Full Moon is usually the Harvest Moon, so this anomaly only occurs every few years.  Our Harvest Moon will occur on October 1st this year.  The October 1st Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn Equinox is September 22 and we can expect it to bring some intense upgrades with it.  We are feeling a lot of purging and releasing with the energy.  All of this Pisces energy has us half way in the other realm.  There are many worlds and portals open now.  We are feeling lots of otherworldly energy.  This energy feels extra dreamy right now.  It feels calm, but it’s anything but.  We are manifesting every though we have right now.  Stay very positive this shift.  This energy is anchoring us into the final part of the year.  It’s up to us to get more creative.  Expect an increase in your psychic awareness at this time.  It’s important that we remember nothing is random and there are no coincidences.  Pay attention to the synchronicities that your seeing.  They are meant to act as a guide for you.  The Universe is always communicating with us.  It’s important that we are learning how to better recognise the signs and messages that we are receiving.  Your angels and spirit guides are really trying to get you what you need at this time.  It’s just up to you to become more clear with your manifestations.  Pay attention to the things that are surfacing for you.  We all have a lot of healing that we are working on at this time.  This Full Moon energy is great for shining a light on what lies underneath.  Today we also have an asteroid (2011 ES4) making a fly by through our Earth- Moon system.  Space rocks tend to add to the energies and give them and increase in power.  Last night the Aurigids Meteor Shower reached its peak.  However, this meteor shower will continue on until September 6th.  This is the last meteor shower of the year.  These meteors usually appear to be blue or green and are also adding some magic to the energies.  We also had a warning being issued regarding the space weather and a possible solar event.  All of the energies coming into the Planet are for sure being noticed more and more.  These energies are perfect for healing, and rituals.  It’s the perfect time to sage or to charge your crystals.

We are coming together for a meditation tomorrow.  Don’t miss it! You do have to sign up to get the link!


Perseids Meteor Shower Meditation…

We are coming together for another live guided meditation August 12th.  August 12th is the closing of the Lions Gate Portal we are in.  Earth also passes through the path of Comet Swift Tuttle for the peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower.  This will be the densest and dustiest area of this meteor shower.  It will be raining stars.  We have lots of magic in the air.  We will be connecting with these galactic energies to bring through some powerful activations.  This energy contains a lot of star power we will be using.

This meditation will be at 5pm UK time.  Once you sign up you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission, or you can always watch the replay.


Don’t Miss Our 8/8 Meditation…

Join us Saturday 8/8 for the peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  It’s also the peak of the Perseus Meteor Shower.  We will be connecting to and tuning into the rising of our Spiritual Sun, the star Sirius, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the Ley Lines, here in England.  Let us take you back to Egypt as we bring through some powerful activations from the Central Sun.  this is super charged energy and a powerful time to get activated.  Our meditation will take place at 4pm UK time Saturday.  You just sign up and join the FB group we using to live stream from…


Happy Solstice!

I’m doing a live guided meditation today at 4pm uk time.  Today is the Solstice and some of you know it’s one of my favourite energies to work with.  This is however the first Solstice we have done quarantined.  We will be staying safe and using our skills to remote access Stonehenge.  We are using Facebook to live stream this Event, however you do have to sign up to be added to the group we are using.  We also have some other massive shifts going on right now.  This New Moon Eclipse is really amplifying this Portal.  I hope to see you there! We are doing a meditation and it will be contain some powerful activations..


Global Meditation Tomorrow..

Tomorrow at 4pm I’m doing a global meditation.  There is a ton of cosmic energy going on right now, as we are continuing our journey through this Pleiadian Portal this week. We are anchoring into 5th dimensional frequencies right now as we continue to be blasted with lots of light codes.  These energies are upgrading us in every way.  The veil is gone during this time, so it’s a powerful time to work with these energies.  Here is the link to join us in bringing healing to ourselves and the collective. We have a Pleiadian theme for the meditation and it will activate you on deep levels.  Come join the rest of your soul tribe!


Live Global Meditation Today!

We are doing a live global meditation today at 3pm UK time.  If your unable to join at that time, the transmission will be available on replay.  You have to sign up to join, once you do you will be sent a link to the Facebook group we using to live stream from. We are in a powerful energy to use today.  We are going to be connecting and working with our higher self.  We will be using crystalline rainbow energies that will bring about a powerful shift.  This is a deep healing and activation.  This Gateway we are able to tap into miracles, better alignment, higher timelines, our star family, and higher states of consciousness.  This meditation will not just heal you, but it assists in healing the collective.  Here is the link to join us..


On The Energies…

Today is the last day of a 3 day perfect alignment between Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. You should feel in better alignment. We are shifting out of Aries Season and into Taurus Season this Sunday. The entire Universe is conspiring to assist you. The Planets have been in perfect alignment with your spiritual path. We will continue to go through a lot of growth fast. Many people are feeling challenged during this time. There is a lot coming up for clearing and that goes for the collective too. We are going from the Warrior archetype to the Lover with this shift. Let’s shift the focus from what may be going wrong, to what is going right. This week we are integrating and next week we will pass through and close the 444 portal. This is the third wave of 444 energies and may be the most powerful. We also have a have a New Moon In Taurus next week that will amplify these energies. Taurus has a powerful energy when it comes to relationships, manifesting, and finances. For many if you there are more blocks to clear on these areas. This is the perfect time to do just that. This is a very creative energy. Many are instant manifesting simplify through their thoughts. This is an ability all will master with these new energies. This is a time where miracles are coming through.

Make sure you don’t miss our live global meditation we are doing next week for the last 444 Portal! This gateway will be powerful and will take us into the 5/5 energies. Here is the link to sign up…


On The Energies…

There are some major energy shifts occurring as we prepare for the Equinox.  We are moving into a new frequency.  We have been going through a lot of growth fast.  This will be a lot on the physical body.  We are seeing a lot of purging occurring as many are attempting to integrate these much higher frequencies, without having done the proper inner work.  This can create not just a resistance, but purge like effects that result in an ascension flu.  Things are not what they seem or as being presented in a lot of ways when it comes to the collective.  A lot is happening behind the scenes.  This energy is powerful and is giving us insight as in to what we should be doing.  March is a powerful month for creativity.  Many lightworkers are doing just that.  We can make a powerful change and assist by staying aligned with better outcomes.  As the frequencies are rising we are able to tune in better and better to our ability to manifest.  We are going to see a series of events that continue to unfold throughout the collective.  While some of these events will seem negative, they will bring about a massive change in the collective.  It’s very important that we stay focused on the positive as we go through this transition.  This Equinox will bring things into further balance.  We will see more of the new being implemented this year.  This is a powerful time of year to tap into the Earth and the Cosmos.  We are going to go through a massive energy gate next week.  This will bring with it a lot of healing.  These energies are amazing for letting go of things no longer bringing you joy, or just making a big leap.

Make sure you join us for our live guided equinox meditation.  I will be working with the energies of the Ley Lines and Stonehenge.  An amazing crystalline upgrade…