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Your Dreams..

Pay attention to your dreams.  This is your sub conscious mind communicating with you.  You are coming to more and more lucidity in your dream state.  This has always been practice at navigating different states of consciousness.  Your sub consciousness must be made conscious.  What lies underneath is now coming to the surface.  You must know yourself in every regard.  You must understand your place in all of this.  Just as you play every role in your dreams, you do so here.  This is a place you helped dream up.  You are seeing and creating your future in your dreams, just as you are here.  Just as your purging out anything outdated, your releasing emotions no longer serving you on a sub conscious level.  Your dreams are electrical impulses in your brain, much like your thoughts.  This is a wake up call on every level.  Your dreams are meant to lead you to big revelations of self.  Our dreams go deep within Source allowing access to inaccessible places in this realm.  Even asleep your sub conscious mind is always awake.  Just as your sub conscious mind is projecting your dreams, it’s projecting your reality.  

Getting Rid of Negativity

For anyone trying to abolish any negativity from the world, that won’t work until you get rid of your own negativity. If your still seeing any negativity it means you have more work to do. Please don’t try to project that work into me because all I am projecting is love at this point. I may be an empath, but I can control which feelings I chose to take on now. I have nothing but Divine love left, for that is my essence. I promise you that if you go within and get rid of any negativity, that inner work will reflect in your outer world. Until we master our own gifts and talents it’s best to focus on fixing our own lives. I have mastered my own Universe, and on my own journey I learned a lot. I am now very careful with my intent, and I do everything with love. I only have energy to create things of a certain vibration, I am learning how to co-create.