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On The Energies…

It’s so important that we are choosing higher ascension timelines right now.  We can do this by becoming more spiritual.  This may look like making more time for your spiritual practices, or to be studying more.  Find a good teacher, this will help you if you’re unsure of the ascension process, or where to look.  This will accelerate your ascension process.  Sagittarius Season brings us a lot of uplifting high frequency energies.  We are only a few weeks away from the December Solstice.  Expect the energies to get quite high til then.  We have a high speed stream of solar wind approaching Earth right now.  Expect it to arrive fully the 1st kicking off more solar storms.  Sagittarius rules adventure, knowledge and long distance travel.  Fire signs are also here to teach us how to have fun.  This Sagittarius Season is all about your energy and your mood.  The Sun and Venus are also conjunct in Sagittarius until the 9th.  That means there is a huge focus on your love life right now.  It’s so important that you are moving towards what lights you on fire, or what is pulling you on a soul level.  We are in the middle of the Holiday Season.  This Sagittarius Season is meant to help shift us past our comfort zone.  You should feel like you can do anything now.  Over the next few weeks we have a focus on healing past traumas.  It’s all about clearing your energies right now.  It’s a great time to be doing some energy clearing work to prepare for the Solstice.  This years Solstice is going to be bringing some big energies.


On The Energies…

Nov 21st, 22nd, and 23rd are huge days energetically.  We are the peak of this years November Pleiadian Alignment.  We are receiving a huge influx of Pleiadian Light Codes right now.  The Pleiades are rising, and are very much activating the entire Planet.  Over the next few days expect many to be waking up more to their Galactic connection.  You’re probably having lots of communication with your Galactic guides, or different Star beings.  Many of you are shifting into much more Galactic realities.  This may mean you’re having more understanding of your past lives, or having past life memories coming up.  There is major healing happening right now within these energies.  You’re feeling a pull, or a need to heal and connecting your current struggles, or issues to past traumas.  Within this life you are clearing many lifetimes of karmic entanglement.  A recalibration is happening energetically.  You’re gradually shifting into a higher frequency, and higher states within your energy.  This weeks Pleiadian Portal is a gateway into the 5th dimension.  These energies are shifting us into the next level, and higher states of consciousness.  If you have felt disconnected, lost, or like you’re falling back, you’re not.  These energies are very much here to shift you where you need to be.  If you carry a Lyran or Pleiadian energy signature expect major upgrades this week.  These are major energies for bringing healing to anyone in a Twin Flame connection.  Many Twin Flame Unions will be manifesting into the physical over the next few months.  This means if you’re in a separation, trust that if you’re doing the inner work, you will be brought together soon.  If you have not yet met your twin flame call them in through the intention.  These are powerful energies to be channeling into your manifestations in any form.


On The Energies…

We are still riding a wave of the 11:11 energies.  These energies are bringing huge shifts and new higher timelines.  You may feel waves of bliss, euphoria, or lots of creative energies right now.  You may be noticing glitches or you’re now aligned with your manifestations even more.  We have the November Pleiadian Line Up from Nov 17th-23rd.  Our Sun and Earth come into a powerful alignment with the Pleiades.  This only happens twice a year.  During the May Alignment the Pleiades is aligned with the Sun.  The November Alignment occurs when the Pleiades is opposite the Sun.  During this Pleiadian Portal we receive huge influxes of Galactic Energies.  Many of them straight from Alcyone, which is the Central Sun of the Pleiades.  During November the Pleiades will continue to rise, showing us that Winter is on the way.  Amazing energies right now for doing healing and activation work.  We also have the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower from Nov 16th to 17th.  It’s a great time to catch some shooting stars.  The Leonids will remain active until Dec 2nd.  We can expect some brilliant colors.  The Leonids kick off some nice greens and blues.  We can expect lots of fireballs, and even dust.

art: @shinewonderland