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On The Energies…

Happy 7:7 Portal.  We are still being flooded with the energies of our Spiritual Sun, Sirius.  Sirius is the Sun behind our Sun.  it’s a literal Portal, or Gateway to Heaven.  These are very high frequency Galactic Energies.  July is going to bring us some powerful energies as we prepare for the opening of the Lions Gate Portal.  We have also been hit with a lot of Solar Energies/ Solar Flares over the past few days.  The strongest Solar Flare seen in the past 4 years erupted Saturday.   Expect the CMEs to continue through the 9th.  These energies are Activating our Light Bodies, and preparing us for an ultimate Solar Flash Event.  Many of you have been feeling the energies, or are even becoming more sensitive to the energies.  A lot of downloads are coming in with theses energies.  Light Codes Encoded with information, meant to trigger an activation within your DNA.  That’s why this is a powerful time to be doing any healing or activation work.  Your awakening and remembering more and more.  Many of you may be feeling a need to make some big changes, or maybe just getting more clear with what you want in life. Today is the official end of Mercury Retrogrades Shadow, however we are still in a Retrograde Season.  We have some of the major planets still moving backwards.  Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all still in Retrograde.  That means we are being asked to work on going within more.  It’s time to really work on your inner world.  We have our Cancer New Moon on Friday.  This New Moon is extra strong with all of these energies.  It’s like a New Moon times three.  Expect this New Moon to bring an emotional reboot, or reset.  We have been clearing a lot very fast.  Many were purging during the last batch of solar energies.  This New Moon will help get us back on track.  We are Shifting so make sure your choosing your timelines.  This is a good time to think about the path ahead of you and where you want it to take you to.

We Are Entering A Powerful Pleiadian Portal

Yesterday a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), hit Earth’s magnetic field.  This sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm, we have had in this Solar Cycle.  The storm is chilling out now.  However we will continue to feel lots of these same energies today, as the storm continues.  We are going to see an increase in Solar Flares and these Solar Storms through the rest of the year.  We are now Shifting into the last half of May, which will bring lots of powerful planetary alignments.  We have a week left of Taurus Season, which is over May 20th.  Next week we Shift into Gemini Season.  On May 15th the Earth and Sun will be in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  We have a powerful Pleiadian Alignment that happens from May 15th- May 23rd and then again November 15th-23rd.  If your sensitive to energies, you are probably really feeling this Pleiadian Portal now.  Things are really beginning to open up.  During the May Alignment the Pleiades is aligned with the Sun.  This brings through lots of Solar Energies with it.  It’s a great time to connect with the Sun.  This alignment occurs with the New Moon, we just had.  It’s all about manifesting and setting your intentions for the rest of the year.  The November Alignment occurs when the Pleiades is opposite the Sun.  This alignment occurs with the Full Moon and is all about bringing through whatever it is your manifesting now.  The November alignment is a time to connect with the Stars.  We are being flooded with Galactic Energies right now and will continue to be through next week.  The portal will peak and be at its strongest May 20th- 21st.  You may be experiencing a lot of downloads, telepathy, or even be feeling the DNA Upgrades happening.  In the Northern Hemisphere the Pleiades began to rise with the Sun on Beltane.  From the space between Beltane and the Summer Solstice the Sun will began a dance with the Pleiades.  They will form an infinity shape.  The Pleiades will begin to rise at sunrise by the time we reach the Summer Solstice.  This Eclipse Season is to prepare us for the Solstice.  May 26th we have a Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse.  June 10th we have a Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse.  The end of May will also be Shifting us into Retrograde Season.  Saturn and Mercury are going to join Pluto, which is already Retrograde.

art: @limitlessmindgames

On The Energies…

We are integrating the huge influx of Light Codes we received over the weekend with the 4/4 Portal. We still have a ton of Incoming Galactic Energies.  We are in Day 9 of a 10 day stretch of Galactic Activation Portal Days.  These days are Gateways of expanded consciousness.  That means we are in some Powerful Energies and in a Powerful Portal space still.  This means we are going through tons of Galactic Upgrades, and will continue to thru Friday.  You may be feeling the Purge Effects or Ascension Symptoms.  We are going through a powerful physical transformation as our DNA is Activating from these Energies and Light Codes.  We still have a lot of Solar Wind streaming in too.  This weekend will bring the Aries New Moon.  Expect some Powerful Energies with it.  This is the first New Moon of the Spring and a New Beginning.  We need to really learn to better work with these energies.  So this week is all about setting intentions and focusing on your dreams.  Pay attention to any ideas your getting right now, or inspiration.  We are down to the last two weeks of Aries Season and the fire is so needed.  We are short on fire this year.  Let this energy fuel your desires.  Really find what your passionate about.  This is how you will find your purpose.  It’s amazing energy to use to start new projects.  April will take us into through the New Moon, Lyrid Meteor Shower, Taurus Season, and a Full Pink Super Moon.  It’s great energy to use for Manifesting to!

Art: @lyla_ab