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Shifting Into Sagittarius Season…

We are finishing up Scorpio Season.  We are preparing to shift into Sagittarius Season the 22nd.  We are really feeling the shift of the energy right now.  We are moving from water to fire.  All of that emotional energy that came with the past month is beginning to clear.  You should be starting to feel like you have more energy.  Tomorrow will bring with it a massive wave of ascension energies.  It’s also a big day for activations.  We also can expect lots of incoming solar winds to reach us over the weekend.  This energy should give you a boost in motivation.  Sagittarius Season will be bringing some massive upgrades with it.  Sagittarius and Gemini might be feeling these energies a little extra.  Expect a turbulent month as we are about to move through some quick energetic adjustments.  We will have Mars and the energies of Eclipse Season shaking things up.  We are ten days away from the first Eclipse, which will be a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.  This first Eclipse will open a powerful gateway that will send us through the 12/12 Portal.  The 12/12 Portal is right in the middle of this pair of Eclipses.  This year’s 12/12 will be all about the lightbody and we can expect to go through some major lightbody activations.  We have some huge alignments to occur in December.  During Mid-December as the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center we can expect some major energy to open up.  The Winter Solstice this year will bring some major energy with it.  It also aligns with the Great Conjunction.  Sagittarius Season this year is taking us into the Age of Aquarius.  We still have Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron in Retrograde.  Neptune is preparing to shift direct next week.  This means you should be having clearer dreams whether awake or asleep.  Chiron has been Retrograde for the past few months and has been assisting us with clearing our past wounds.  We will continue to feel it’s energies over the next month.  Expect Sagittarius Season to further activate you.  It should be bringing lots of downloads and will be amazing for manifesting.  It’s a good time to be getting into a meditation routine.  It’s also a good time to focus on your work.  It’s important that we are staying very positive during this time as we are manifesting rapidly.

Rethinking The Collective..

Sometimes we need to take a break to rethink what direction we are going in.  This is an amazing time to rethink where we have evolved to as a society.  It’s not a surprise that we are now seeing an entire system failure.  In a lot of ways we have failed as a society long before this, I mean what can we really create in that illusion of separateness.  We have seen a disconnect from a lot of the basic qualities that it means to be human.  A lack of empathy and compassion for others that have been suffering.  A society that picks profits over health.  There is a large scale attempt to keep everyone in this limited version of reality.  Out of these ashes a New Earth has already risen.  One on a much higher frequency.  We are meant to be multi-dimensional existing in many places at once.  This is where humanity is headed to.  We can either chose elevate our frequency so that we can keep up with Gaia, as she makes her ascension, or we will leave the experience.  This Planet is out of harmony as people are not doing the work to keep up with these new energies.  That is why we will see an increase in health related issues as the schumman resonance continues to rise.  This is the space where we rethink how we are living as a collective.  We could not continue down this path.  We are watching a crumbling of the old, but it’s collapsing into something new and more in alignment with us spiritually.  Use this time to tune into the spiritual.  Work on your healing and make sure your eating better foods.  What we are experiencing now is temporary so it’s really important that we are going with the flow of this transition.  The rest of this month will help shift people back to a space of oneness.