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On The Energies…

The Light Codes are streaming In from Sirius.  The Sirius Gateway is open from the 3rd to the 7th.  Many Stars and Planets are vortex’s where energy enters or leaves our Universe.  Sirius is the most important of these vortexes.  It’s a literal Gateway to Heaven.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun, behind our Sun.  We are going through a quiet period with the Sun right now.  When the Sun is quiet this can indicate larger events are coming.  The Galactic Center, Sirius, the Sun, and the Earth are aligning, opening a powerful Gateway.  These are Source Energies, but are also Galactic Energies.  Your DNA is made up of vibrational frequencies of light.  As the energies and frequencies are increasing on the Planet, your DNA is activating.  The Galactic Frequencies and Light Codes coming into the Planet are meant to trigger this process.  This is the best time to be healing and working on activating your DNA.  It’s a New Month and New Energies, the energies we are feeling now will take us into next weeks 7/7 Portal and Cancer New Moon.  July brings us the end of Cancer Season and the beginning of Leo Season.  It also brings us the opening of the Lionsgate Portal and a triple meteor shower.  These Light Codes and activations we are receiving this month are all about creating the new, healing, and manifesting.

We Are Doing 6:6 Portal Activations…

Happy 6:6 Portal! I’m doing activations all day today.  These are amazing energies to be using for healing.  These are powerful energies to be tapping into, to expand our consciousness.  We are doing an activation for your higher heart chakra.  This is for your spiritual heart.  Activating your higher heart chakra can help you by enabling more direct communication with your soul, opening your telepathic channels, better communication with your spirit guides, and better connection with the astral realms.  It also can help you tune into your heart better and your hearts true desires.  Here is the link to sign up to be activated…


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It’s A Great Time To Sign Up For A Class…

We offer so many classes and healing services through our site.  Make sure your checking out the classes that we do.  You can find them in the Class Section of our Shop.  Each class comes with an attunment and certificate. Here is a list of the classes that we offer…

Usui Reiki
Celestial Blue Star Healing
Sacred Path Reiki
Ama Deus Shamanic Reiki
Rainbow Reiki
Dragon Reiki
Sekhem Healing
Gatekeeper Reiki
Colours Of The 7 Archangels Reiki
Pyramids Of Isis
Kundalini Reiki
Master Magic
Rays of Aten Healing
Unicorn Reiki
Healing With Chi Balls
Isis Blue Moon Healing
Dragon Reiki
Crystal Reiki
Master Dreamer: Astral Travel and Lucid Dreamer
Atlantis Initiation
Chakra Cleanse
Egyptian Tantric Reiki
DNA Healing
Shamanic Soul Retrieval
Celtic Reiki
Mediumship Reiki
Isis Lightbody Attunment
Light Of Lemuria
New Lemurian Energy
Psychic Development
Egypt Priest/ Priestess Class
How To Read The Akashic Records Class