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On The Energies…

We have an another CME coming at us that will hit us tomorrow.  We are also riding a major Galactic Wave of Energies the next 72 hours.  The 28th is a Galactic Activation Portal Day (GAPD).  It’s bringing big energies too.  We have old energies coming up.  It’s Mercury Retrograde.  That means you should only be looking back if you need to heal or release something.  It’s a great time for cutting cords and doing clearing and protection work.  If you do have people from your past coming back it’s always a test to see if you learned the lesson.  Amazing energies for doing activation and healing work over the next few days.  On the 28th our Moon aligns with Regulus.  This is the brightest star in the Leo constellation.  This is the Heart Of The Lion.  The Lion is the connection between the Stars and Earth.  This transit can help you in opening your heart and tapping into more Divine Light.  Sometimes all you need is a Spark to find that Flame.  Beautiful energies for Love and Money the rest of Taurus Season.  Although may be stirring up some deep rooted blocks around both.  Taurus has high expectations.  They tend to set the bar in self care.  You may be shown areas you need to really take care of yourself right now.  Beltane is the 1st.  Expect the high energies to continue to amp up through then.  Beltane is a Gateway into Fairy.  Let’s just say next Monday kicks off some powerful energies.  Expect major shifts in your love life! Next Friday is the 5:5 Portal and of course that final Eclipse of this first Eclipse Season of the year.  5:5 and 5:7 bring the peak of the ETA Aquarius Meteor Shower.  That means these shooting stars come from Halley’s Comet.  Stay focused on following through with those manifestations right now.

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An Energy Update…

The Earth’s North Pole is moving from Canada towards Siberia.  It’s moving rapidly to! It’s also impossible to predict what might occur.  This is setting a serious of events into motion.  It should be apparent that humanity is headed on a collision course, and that things can not be allowed to carry on like this.  The Earth is activating its lightbody, as this is happening it’s changing its magnetic field.  With these influxes of energy amping up we are gearing up toward a complete reversal of the magnetic fields.  This is something that occurs naturally at the end of every cycle.  This cycle is different, we don’t have the patience to start over.  We are attempting the unattempted.  For the first time ever this Planet will attempt to make a Planetary Ascension.  There has never been a more important time then Now.  We are behind schedule with this Ascension.  We are in a narrow window in time.  This time will be made up by accelerating the energetic process.  Things are going to get intense for anyone not willing to let go of the old.  You need to be working at raising your vibrational frequency.  This is where you anchor your dreams into the new.  An integration into 5th dimensional frequencies.  

A Space Storm Energy Report

We are having energetic disturbances.  These geomagnetic energies are having a serious affect on our bodies.  A stream of solar wind is hitting the Earth’s magnetic field.  This gaseous energy is flowing from a large hole in the Sun’s atmosphere.  Last night we had 20 fireballs and 1936 potentially hazardous asteroids, things the media isn’t reporting on.  This energy will affect satellites, electricity, and weather.  We are at an increased risk for earthquakes.  We had 50 5.0 and above earthquakes since last Friday.  Expect this energy to intensify through the New Moon Wednesday.  This energy is activating and upgrading humanity in any way.  Try to rest until Sunday if possible.  From Monday they Thursday our REM states will be seriously affected.  Drink lots of water.  This energy can be hard on our bodies.  Look at it like your body is being blasted with high frequency energy with light codes embedded in it.  Anything not serving you needs to be released now.  If we continue to chose to hold on to toxic people or toxic habits it will continue to make you sick on a soul level.  This is a journey back to Divine will.  This path is found through your body and upgrading to the Divine blueprints found within.  This should be an integration period.  Take more salt baths, get out into nature, meditate and try to rest more.