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On Today’s Energies…

We have a powerful cosmic alignment of the Sun, Earth and the center of our galaxy happening.  Today the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center.  Powerful energies are coming through.  The energies of the Solstice are really beginning to peak, and are for sure being felt.  The storm kicks off today.  On the Solstice the Sun will be in the constellation Sagittarius close to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  The Galactic Center is also in Sagittarius.  Our Sun is a star and is very much being activated by these galactic energies, and in turn activating us.  These energies are anchoring us into the entire first half of the next year.  What your focused on and thinking about now will be your reality entering 2022.  We are instant manifesting and clearing things like never before.  These energies are acting as a portal into other dimensions.  They have the potential to shift us to other realities.  We can use them to move to higher timelines.  These energies are here to support your Ascension in every way.  If you have been trying to manifest something and you haven’t quite figured out how, these energies are that how.  They are amazing for doing energy work.  These are the energies we should be using for doing activations.  We have some massive third eye activations occurring.  It’s a great time to work with that chakra.  2022 is also going to get very Galactic in every way.  As the frequencies are rising, they are rising to support this in every way.  We will also see a desire to change the collective in every way, with more coming together to work together.  This is an amazing time to start a group project or to find and align with some type of mission to help the Planet.

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On The Energies…

Today marks The Heliacal Rising Of Sirius.  Sirius makes its first morning appearance today.  Sirius is our brightest star and our Spiritual Sun.  The 3 stars of Orion’s Belt can be used as a pointer to Sirius.  We are receiving extra energies from Orion right now, specifically Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka.  We are in the second peak of the Lions Gate Portal.  Expect a huge influx of Ascension Energies filled with New Light Codes over the next few weeks.  Tonight the Moon and Venus align.  That makes today all about Love and Money.  It’s a great time to focus on your finances or your love life.  Expect positive shifts in these areas as the Goddess is very much shining down on us today.  Today the Moon is in void.  The void is a period of time before the Moon moves into a new sign.  It’s said to avoid the void.  That makes this makes it a good time to rest.  Our Planet is crossing the path of Comet Swift Tuttle until August 24th.  That makes tomorrow the best time to see the Perseids Meteor Shower.  Be on the look out for Shooting Stars.  It’s a great time to stargaze or to see our Milky Way.  From August to October the Milky Way will continue to be visible.  It sets earlier and earlier each night until October.  Right now we can see the core of the Milky Way.  The actual Center of our galaxy.  This band of stars is only visible at night during certain times of the year.  As our Planet is aligning with the Galactic Center we are receiving a huge influx of these energies.  Expect miracles and abundance as we align with these energies.

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Sirius Gateway…

It’s the last day of June and we prepare for the New Energies coming with July.  We are starting to feel the Energies of the Sirius Gateway that is open from July 3rd-7th.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun, behind our Sun.  Sirius is a Gateway to Heaven.  The star system Sirius is aligning with our Sun right now.  Right now the Sun is at it’s farthest point from Earth, and Sirius is at a closer point.  This means we are able to receive more of its energy.  These high frequency energies are the start of Heaven on Earth, a new 5th dimensional reality.  This Gateway is letting a ton of Galactic energies through.  Many of you have been feeling the upgrades that have kept coming from the Solstice.  Expect the DNA upgrade to get even stronger as we move through this week and next week.  We will be really feeling the energies of Sirius, and many other portals and gateways that open up through the next couple of months.  During this time of year the Galactic Center aligns with Sirius and Earth.  We are going to see massive surges of energy coming through this year, like never before.  That means we are going through a lot of Lightbody Activation through July.  Make sure your eating foods that are good for you.  More fruits, vegetable, and algae’s will help.  If you are a Starseed or an Earth Angel these energies are for you.  You may be feeling the energies a little extra though.  Expect a lot of downloads or information to come to you.  We are going through a huge expansion of consciousness so fast.  These Light Codes are packed full of instructions for your DNA.  As things are switching on and activating new knowledge is coming to you.  This is amazing energy to be using for healing too!