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On The Energies…

We have shifted into Scorpio Season.  This week will be intense as it’s bringing lots of different energies.  We have Samhain/Halloween, a Blue Moon, lots of Cosmic Rays, and Solar Flares.  Samhain/ Halloween is a Portal and it is already open.  The spiritual veil, between the spiritual worlds and our world, is at its thinnest right now.  This is also the veil between the living and the dead.  That is why it’s an important time to honour our ancestors and loved ones in the other realm.  Samhain/ Halloween is a powerful turning point in the wheel of the year.  This is a time of death and rebirth, that leads to a new beginning.  October 31st we have a Full Moon In Taurus.  This is also a Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon happens when we have two Full Moons in the same month.  It’s really rare to have a Full Moon occur on on Samhain/ Halloween, let alone a Blue Moon.  This Blue Moon will also be aligning with Mars.  We are still in Mars Retrograde too, so we are going to continue to release any negative or lower energies.  We are letting go of a lot within the masculine, as the masculine is going through a lot of upgrades.  We have a ton of Galactic energies continuing to pour in.  These energies are going to continue to intensify as we prepare for this year’s Winter Solstice.  We have lots of Pleiadian and Orion energies coming through.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of year where the Pleiades are rising.  This means winter is on the way.  November is the best time to see the Pleiades.  Orion will also become more and more visible as we head into November and December.  This Scorpio Season will bring with it a powerful transformation.  Scorpio also rules over the paranormal and other dimensions.  The veil will continue to thin, and we will stay within this thin space until November 3rd.  On November 1st the spiritual activity will actually be at the highest.  This is a powerful day for manifesting.  1/1 and 1/11 are both very powerful Gateways.  Make sure your using these energies to find a deeper alignment.  This is a time of magic and celebration.

We are doing a Ceremony to connect with the Ancestors tonight.  Make sure you sign up to join us…


Portals, Meteors, Fireballs, Shooting Stars, and a Full Moon

We are going through a portal tomorrow for 11/11.  At the same time we will also have Mercury making a rare transit across the Sun.  this is meant to bring an extra lucky energy.  This Full Moon in Taurus is allowing us to instant manifest.  We also have it raining comets on Mercury, as well as in our sky’s.  There will be lots of shooting stars and meteors.  We can expect to see tons of fireballs as well.  Some of these space rocks may even make impact.  Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Goddess of Love.  There is a huge emphasis on slowing down, recharging, self care, and relationships as we make this shift.  While Taurus may easily rule the material, it’s love that’s the focus.  This is a powerful time for love, or stripping away all that’s not love.  The veil is still very thin.  This is what divides us from the seen and unseen.  This is allowing us to tap into our power more.  The energy of the 11/11 portal is increasing the frequencies.  This is powerful for our manifestations.  Stay focused on where you want to go, or with whom you want to be with this shift.  This energy is going to further elevate any relationships.

Don’t miss our 11:11 Ceremony.  Here is the link to sign up..

11/11 Portal Live Healing Transmission

Full Moon In Taurus..

We have a Full Moon November 3rd and 4th, in my sign, Taurus! The planet is being showered in love and abundance! This is one of the most magical Moons of the year! November holds the vibrational frequency of the number 11. 11 is a sacred number that represents divinity, rebirth and higher consciousness. 11 is also an angel number. This is the time for abundance, success, and love. You will now harvest whatever seeds you planted during the last New Moon, two weeks ago. Love is in the air, so open your heart. This Moon will bring with it harmony. Now is time to get your finances in order, or to take on new projects or business ventures. Take action and feel the energy for yourself. This is a reminder that the Universe is on your side! This transformation is so challenging, release any blocks now. Let go of any negative thought patterns. This Full Moon energy is slow, but powerful, just like the Taurus sign. Anything you are experiencing is to align you with your highest intention..