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On The Energies

Happy Fairy Day!!  Comet ZTF is making its closest pass by Earth today.  It will be at its closest to our Planet.  This Comet is a major sign of a significant and extremely unexpected event.  It means it’s going to happen soon! Comets indicate travel, and perhaps even a journey you’re about to go on.  This Comet is here to wake us up and to shake things up.  It’s energies are signifying a completion.  This may mean there is an ending occurring for you or that you’re needing a shift in a certain area.  Let’s just say a Comet hasn’t passed by us for a long time.  It’s a very rare event!  It’s also a major Fairy Festival Event.  The Fairy Festivals are on the crossover points of the seasons.  We celebrate Imbolc the 1st and the 2nd.  Imbolc is one of the four fire festivals of the year.  It’s the begining of Spring.  The veil is so thin.  During the 2:2 Portal the gates open between our worlds.  We are much closer to the other side and the worlds of the Fae.  Pay attention to what’s coming up and coming through for you right now.  This is a time where you can tap into your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones In Spirit Now.  This is a high energy day so amazing for Healing and Manifesting.   We are already instant manifesting the things we are thinking about and putting out there.  We are just needing to clear any resistance to this.

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I’m Doing Fairy Activations Today…

Happy Equinox! It’s a Faerie Festival.  The Faerie Festivals take place on the crossover points in the seasons.  During the crossover points there are huge energy shifts that occur.  During the Autumn Equinox we celebrate and honor the Faery Queen.  I’m doing Fairy Activations all day today.  Here is the link to sign up…

Equinox Fairy Activation

On The Energies…

Today is a powerful day for the Earth Energies.  It’s Midsummer.  It’s also a powerful fairy portal.  It’s Fairy Day! There is so much magic in the air right now.  Tomorrow kicks off the Ancient Egypt New Year.  Back then the helical rising of Sirius occurred earlier.  When Sirius appeared the Nile would flood, bringing abundance.  The Pyramids were built to align with Sirius.  As it’s light streamed in, it would activate the entire Earth, activating the ley lines.  This floods the Earth Grids with the light of Sirius.  Sirius is meant to represent freedom and was also behind the founding of the United States.  Think 4th of July.  Sirius is a double star system.  It’s made up of a main star Sirius A, and a second faint white star, Sirius B.  It’s home of the Gods of Egypt.  It’s known as the Dog Star,  or the Star of Isis.  If you do have a Dog this is there home planet.  Every year during the first week of July our Sun comes into a powerful alignment with Sirius.  This activates a Gateway between Heaven and Earth.  July 3rd- 7th these energies will reach a peak.  That means July 3rd takes us fully into a Sirian Stargate.  This Gateway will end August 11th.  This also aligns with the ancient festival of the Goddess.  During this time Sirius will align in a major way with our planet.  That means we are already being flooded with the energies of Sirius/ The Great Central Sun.  Earth receives its light from 2 planets.  Our Sun which keeps our physical body alive.  And Sirius, our Spiritual Sun which keeps our spiritual body/ light body alive.  Expect a ton of golden light from our Sun and blue light and white light from Sirius during this time.  The 7:7 Portal will bring a powerful wave of energies.   

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