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Preparing For Monday’s Lunar Eclipse…

We have kicked off Sagittarius Season, as well as Eclipse Season.  Monday’s Full Moon in Gemini will also be a Lunar Eclipse.  We have an Eclipse Season every six months.  This Eclipse Season will help lead us into 2021, and it will last until December 29th this year.  This Eclipse Season will bring with it two eclipses.  We have a Lunar Eclipse Monday in Gemini, that will really open this Eclipse Gateway.  We have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 14th.  This will be the final Eclipse of the year.  December will bring with it the 12:12 Gateway, the Winter Solstice, and many other powerful alignments and ascension energies.  This series of eclipses will activate the lunar nodes, which will really activate us.  The south and north nodes rule our past and future.  They have a huge influence on us astrologically.  This first Eclipse will help make your deeper purpose or destiny more clear.  It may even bring up revelations or more insight into your past lives or your souls journey.  Since Eclipses occur on the lunar nodes they bring about massive change and transformation.  Eclipses tend to dig around in our karma as well.  This is to show us where we have more work to do.  Monday’s Full Moon will bring with it a chance to let go of anything no longer serving us.  This is a time of release as we prepare for a new beginning.  2020 has brought with it a lot of purging.  This has been a good thing as we continue to get lighter.  Your body may be needing a moment to integrate all of these energies.  It’s also a really powerful time to manifest as this Gemini is great at helping us with our ideas and communication.

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On Our October Online Events…

We have some amazing Gateways this month.  We have all of our Events up for the rest of October.  We have some amazing Meditations and a Ceremony up for this month.  These are all done online and are posted to a private Facebook group for each event.  You just sign up to join the space..

Sat Oct 10th- 10:10 Portal Live Guided Meditation


Fri Oct 16th- Super New Moon In Libra Live Guided Meditation


Thu Oct 29th- Halloween Connect With Your Ancestors Ceremony


Sat Oct 31st- Samhain Live Guided Meditation


9/9 Portal…

We have a powerful few weeks ahead of us as we continue to move towards the Autumn Equinox.  Today is the 9th day of the 9th month.  It’s the 9/9 portal today and it’s bringing with it some amazing energies.  This portal will stay open for the next 9 days.  We can expect some massive shifts today, as this portal has opened.  We are talking about a literal Stargate into different dimensions.  These cosmic energies can really help bring us back into, or just into better alignment.  These waves of energy are full of light codes that are triggering your DNA to activate.  Today is a massive day for activating the codes in which you already carry.  We came with our own set of codes that we needed.  These ascension energies and the inner work that we are doing will allow us to further activate them.  9 also is the numerology of the completion of a cycle.  This really is a new beginning and it’s time to ditch the baggage.  We are shedding our past, it must be left behind.  Expect some resolution if your dealing with any karmic situations.  If old stuff is coming up, it may be to show you how much better your reacting.  We also have Mars shifting retrograde today.  We are very much back in a Retrograde Portal this week.  There are a lot of timelines sort of colliding right now.  If past situations or people are coming up it’s to bring you some further healing or a new perspective.  Remember you have come to far to be looking back now.  We also have sort of a cosmic dance continuing to occur between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.  In a lot of ways this combination of energy has been completely dismantling the old.  We have a lot of changes occurring within the grids of the Earth.  The old is continuing to shift into the new.  These planetary alignments have had a huge influence on the collective during 2020.  The energies are continuing to rise as we approach the Autumn Equinox.  We have three months left of 2020 and we can expect a ton of energy to come with it.  This Equinox will help us all come back into balance.  It’s very important that your staying grounded in all of these energies.  Really listen to your body during this time.  Try not to overthink as we are about half way done with Virgo Season.  It’s a really good time to get outside and to connect with the Earth.  We are now manifesting the rest of the year.  Take care with your thoughts as we are making this weeks shifts.

An Energy Report…

We are in a space storm!  The solar winds are triggering geomagnetic storms.  These solar winds are increasing.  These are huge waves of highly charged particles of energy.  These energies are upgrading our DNA and activating our light bodies.  We just had an Eclipse which is affecting these energies.  People may be processing these events differently.  Some people may be having some type of DNA activation or ascension symptoms.  Others may be feeling an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance.  People are perceiving more and more of the spiritual.  This can come in the form of orbs, flashes of light, beings from other dimensions, hearing tones or frequencies, knowing or tuning into information.  It’s very important that we are taking care of our bodies right now.  This is a huge shift we are experiencing so it’s very important that we are making healing a priority.  These energies and the effects will continue to get more and more intense as we move forward in this ascension process.  If your having a hard time with the energies make sure your resting.  It’s very important that we are able to tune into our bodies.

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Getting Ready For Glastonbury…

I will be back at Mt. Shasta and probably Hawaii after the new year.  I will be wrapping up this chapter of my story in the British Isles.  I will be doing several events before I go.  I am doing a live guided meditation from Glastonbury this weekend.  I also have events up for the Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice, both from Stonehenge.  I will not be back in the United Kingdom for a year, so I would take advantage of these transmissions.  While I may live here now, I’m being called, and part of my job as a lightworker is to go where I am needed.

This energy we are in now is a powerful upgrade.  Don’t miss the guided meditation/ activation I am doing from Glastenbury for the Black Moon! Here is the link to sign up!



Manifesting And The Mind…

Everything you have been manifesting is on the way to you.  A lot of you are figuring out that through staying in energetic alignment it’s making you extremely magnetic.  As the frequencies are going up it’s making it easier and easier to manifest.  Of course this is a double edged sword.  If your thinking of anything lower vibrational it will instantly drop your frequency putting you on to probabilities you don’t want.  These shifts and DNA upgrades are changing everything you know to be possible.  A lot of your abilities will need to be fine tuned through your mind.  It’s important your staying focused on manifesting.  We are each a blend of the holy trinity, the mind, body, and soul.  Each of these three aspects must be purified on every level.  Those not doing enough inner work, will find out they are not a vibrational match to the new 5th dimensional frequencies.  This can create a purge effect.  It’s time to release the patterns of programming that have been blocking your creator potential.  Shift your focus to your mind and what your creating.  We have some powerful energy shifts coming up.  Take some time to shift your focus to healing and integrating.

If your feeling out of alignment or blocked I would recommend an energetic clearing..

Our Equinox Projects

The equinoxes are seasonal cycles.  You can tune into the energies and connect deeper to your spiritual consciousness.  I have projects planned for the next 3 equinoxes.  We will be at Stonehenge next week, for the Fall Equinox.  For the Winter Equinox we are going to London, and for the Spring Equinox we will be at our Castle.  I will be doing live feeds while at these locations.  The United Kingdom is an amazing place to be experiencing these energy shifts.  There is not only one of the Earth’s chakras here, but two.  The Earth’s third eye chakra moves every so often.  This is the centre of the Earth, the heart chakra of the Planet.   This country holds a lot of the lost pieces from Atlantean times.  Help support our mission by checking out our Stonehenge Activation we will be doing.