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On The Energies…

Let’s talk December Alignments.  December 6th the Moon will align with the Pleiades and Mars.  The Moon will slide between the Pleiades and the star Aldebaran, which is the brightest part of the V-shaped Hyades star cluster that forms the Bull’s face.  The Pleiades, Aldebaran and Mars will form a triangle in the sky, right above Orion.  This alignment will bring some powerful DNA Activations.  This is an amazing time for doing healing and activation work.  You’re being reminded that you are star travelers.  These energies can us in opening up too, and tapping into energy from other dimensions.  We also have a Gemini Full Moon Wednesday which is much needed.  It should be helping you to open up on how you’re communicating.  Expect Throat Chakra clearings, healing, and activations.  We are going to do the 12:12 Portal next week, and the Solstice The week after.  That means we are in intense energies right now.  A lot has been going on with Mars this past week.  This has been bringing a purge to the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  There is a lot of clearing that is happening as we integrate these higher frequency energies.  Much of it surfacing from past lives and childhood, which is one and the same.  These energies are giving us a chance to heal deep wounds made in separation.  They are meant to guide us back to Love and a Higher Love.  The Dec 6th alignment is a chance for us to align with Pleiadian Energies.  We know how powerful Masculine and Feminine energy can be merged together as One.  We will be seeing and feeling this for the Solstice.  All about your manifestations, love, and anchoring into/ and shifting to higher timelines.  Staying focused on what you want so that it may manifest for you in these energies.  Expect the energies of the Goddess to rise this week with the Pleiades.

Chiron Direct In Pisces..

Monday Chiron moves Direct in Pisces.  Mercury moved direct, it will now drag Chiron out of the underworld with it.  Mercury is messenger of the Gods and a guide of souls.  We are being pulled from the subconscious to the conscious now.  Death of the old allows us to create new life.  Chiron in Pisces is giving us the opportunity to release old wounds.  We are clearing and healing an entire cycle of collective pain now.  This is a time to release the energy of the old.  We will continue our tour of the underworld up until the Winter Solstice.  There is a huge emphasis on healing the healers, which became wounded this cycle.  This month is the best time to dream, in any form.  We have lots of Jupiter and Neptune energy.  Jupiter and Neptune are the planets of spirituality, of envisioning something into existence.  Sagittarius is the archer who shoots to the stars.  This is time for you to send your intentions to the Universe for the new year.  2018 was huge in terms of our ascension.  These energies are upgrading and altering our DNA.  This process is similar to the way people alter computer codes.  We are about to enter the new.  New frequencies and new found perspectives.  Neptune will be assisting to dissolve your current reality, for this has always been your illusion.  We are going to start to rebuild the new in 2019, these foundations will be built on dreams.