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Samhain/ Halloween

The veil is getting thinner by the hour as we near Samhain/Halloween.  The veil is what separates our world from the spiritual world.  Samhain/ Halloween is a portal between the living and the dead.  During this time the dead return to walk with the living.  Any loved ones in the other realm will come to visit us over the next several days.  Some of you are also being guided to be outside or even on the Ley Lines.  At certain Sacred Sites the veil is much thinner and even easier to sense.  We also have a rare Blue Full Moon in Taurus October 31st.  This is the second Full Moon to occur this month.  We have had a Full Moon at the start and finish of October.  Blue Moons are a time to release and heal.  This shift is an especially powerful time to be releasing any ancestral karma or to be doing some deeper family healing.  There is a lot of Goddess energy with this shift.  Taurus is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love and finances.  That means it’s time to get your finances and love life in order.  This shift will be bringing extra abundance to people, or will be helping to clear any ways you have been blocking your own abundance.  Taurus is a powerful energy and is all about manifesting.  This Full Moon will help prepare us for our next Full Moon which will be a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.  This is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season.  Eclipses are a celestial phenomena and this Eclipse Season is for sure going to shake up our normal cycles.  Uranus will also be at its closest position to Earth on October 31st.  Uranus is all about change and a deeper liberation.  Uranus is known as the awakener and it’s doing just that.  Expect the collective to continue to go through some massive shifts as we approach 2021.  Samhain/ Halloween is a powerful turning point in the wheel of the year.  It is half way between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  This energy will take us into the last part of the year.  It is helping to prepare us for the Winter Solstice.  Expect an increase in your intuition, vivid dreams and even contact from the other side.  It’s a powerful time to be charging your crystals.

We are doing a meditation tomorrow for Samhain.  Make sure you sign up to join us…


An Energy Report…

October 31st we have a Full Moon In Taurus.  This is also a Blue Moon occurring on Samhain/ Halloween.  A Blue Moon happens when we have two Full Moons in the same month.  This Blue Moon occurs when the spiritual veil, between our two worlds, is at its thinnest.  That means you should be seeing and sensing more and more.  This is a time when we can communicate with the spirit world.  It’s important that your really paying attention to your intuitive and psychic abilities during this time.  Emotions will be heightened and so will the senses.  There are lots of messages coming through at this time.  Mars and Mercury Retrograde both continue to influence things from behind the scenes.  Mars rules the masculine.  The masculine is going through a lot of upgrades within the solar plexus.  There is a clearing of karma occurring.  Any Aries are probably really feeling it a little extra right now.  Mercury Retrograde is also creating quite the purge.  There is a lot of clearing occurring from past timelines.  You may be feeling the upgrades and healing occurring within the throat chakra and sacral chakra.  We have a lot of childhood issues surfacing as we are shown a deeper look at our programming.  These ascension energies are bringing with them some massive upgrades.  But we have more to release with the old.  We are in the middle of a deep transformation, so this Full Moon will push us to release the things that no longer belong with us.  It also will push us to connect deeper within the feminine, within the senses.  We have a theme of the Phoenix this Scorpio Season.  The new is literally being created from the ashes of the old.  This Moon is the Hunters Moon.  Named after Orion who was thought to be pursuing Taurus or even the seven sisters that make up the Pleiades.  Your being reminded that you came from the stars and that these are your ancestors.  This is a powerful time to connect with any of your ancestors or loved ones in the other realm.

We are doing a ceremony to do just that Thursday.  Here is the link to join us…


Full Blue Moon Tomorrow..

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Scorpio.  This is a Blue Moon and one that’s been long awaited.  Scorpio represents death and rebirth, and the Moon will be leading us into a spiritual transformation.  We are building the foundation for our new lives.  We do this first energetically.  This energy is pushing you to set aside your ego to heal deeper.  This energy will be getting very intense, but there is an element of magic in the air.  This energy is trying to guide you to a better alignment.  We are being asked to remain in gratitude to create more of the abundance we deserve.  While the Taurus energy is slow this month, it is powerful in manifesting.  Creating balance will continue to be our theme for the next few months.  Go within, clear your inner realms of self.  Anything unhealed must be realised now.  This Moon represents Buddha Wisdom.  It’s meant to push us towards enlightenment ultimately, this may look more like a purge though for some.