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Time To Activate Your Calling


 time to activate to your calling

You have yet to remember yourselves fully.  Every experience you have had was to lead you to yourself.  Experiences needed to understand the complexity of yourselves.  This is a journey into liberation.  So many people are lost in these worldly concepts and belief systems.  This is a time made just for us.  We came to fulfill a calling for assistance, and in doing so we fulfill our own destinies.  A fate we chose to rewrite, by coming into the Now to heal our past timelines.  People are waiting for an outside intervention.  It was been here within you the whole time.  You need to shift your perspectives fast.  Jesus was not sent for this mission, you were.  The Universe heard the calling and implemented a plan of action.  The people sent are putting power into the wrong places, it was always you.  The Starseeds were the ones sent to heal and change this cycle ending.  Stop praying to their gods.  You have an entire Universe at your assistance to create with you.  You have been handing over your creative powers for far to long through these systems.  It’s time you remember who you are and why you came here.





We are becoming a society that is opening up spiritually.  I hear the term shift in consciousness all day long.  People love to throw it around like I bought a new car, what a shift I just made.  Or I got a new job, I made a shift.  Let me tell you first hand about what is actually meant by shifting.  I’ve done it multiple times this year.  It’s common knowledge that we have infinite probabilities.  The main issue I see is once we wake up we enter a 4th dimensional reality, a plane of sorts.  This 4th dimensional timeline is very easy to enter.  Anyone who “wakes up” instantly crumbles their 3rd dimensional timeline and enters.  However I’ve found it’s almost impossible to exit this prison cell.  It’s a timeline with only one probability ever.  Your infinite probabilities are an illusion on these timelines. While manifesting is clearly easier, your choices are not.  In order to make a real shift off of that timeline several things are needed.  You need to be at the right place energetically.  It’s very hard on your body, even for the very purified.  You’ll need the Universe to be aligned with it, in an energetic sense.  We only have a few energetic gateways or portal points per year that you could even use to attempt something so huge.  You can learn how to use the energies to make a timeline jump into a parallel timeline, of a parallel Universe.  These places may seem the same, but they are different.  Many of you should be experiencing the mandala effect on a daily basis. Your past and future is being rewritten in the Now.  As these timelines are changing and converging for humanity, your all at a real risk of being trapped in these realms.  Your on borrowed time to leave the very timelines your standing in the middle of.  They are not serving humanity and ultimately they will all be destroyed.  Your all going to have to make an actual shift soon, into a parallel reality where in one singular moment your entire consciousness groups timelines merge into a singular point.  This process is extremely hard on the body, you need to purify and do nothing but work on your energy.  Humanity should feel more and more of an urgency.  Things are not going as planned and we are on a crazy countdown for humanity… www.sparksofdivinelighthealing.com


We are going back to telepathy, which would be communication without words. Other civilizations live differently and words are regarded differently. Words are spells that’s why it’s so dangerous to be throwing out so many words and labels. We are going back to mind communication. Words will become obsolete because are those of us that use telepathy. We are going back to light language. Light language is an inter-dimensional language that is understood in a soul level. Your heart chakra is well versed in light language. Light language heals in a way that words never will.

Love Bite as in Energetic Vampires

Twin flame love is a powerful force, one could even debate that it’s the most powerful force in the Universe. This love has the ability to heal the planet. Many of you are now figuring out that our existence is all about our spiritual evolution. I want to discuss the term “love bite” because I am seeing it often. What we are referring to when we use the the term “love bite” is an orchestrated relationship with an energetic vampire. Remember nothing in this Universe is random, everything is synchronistic. So would it not make sense that their are dark forces at play whose sole purpose is to prevent these twin unions from happening. The goal of these relationships is spiritual liberation. So there are dark forces at play attempting to keep humanity in that state of separateness. Many evolved souls are being targeted by reptilians, draconian, the Cabal, etc. Many with this divine spark are derailed throughout their life by these negative entities. This is truth, I went through it. You can recognize the extreme narcissism and psychopathy in these entities. Reptiles are creating destructive systems behind the scenes. When you merge with these entities you are giving away your power. Remember the goal is Divine love..

Waking Up From The Matrix

We must eradicate hate with love. We must permanently learn to let go of fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, the illusion, and ego attachment. These are the things that block our chakras and cut us off from the flow. Only positive can’t exist without negativity. These two concepts depend on each other like love and hate. Polarity is a delicate thing. So what I am proposing is transcending the matrix. We all reach a point in our journey where we will evolve past the need for this polarity. We are able to ascend and learn in higher dimension. These are opposites, yet compliments. They attract and repel each other. You can’t separate love and hate because it’s the same thing. All polarity is an illusion, but it is needed for our evolution.

Liberate Your Soul

The most amazing thing I have ever experienced would be liberation from this plane. Whether you know it or not you are living in a hologram. This is a school, I call is prison planet. We are all being held in place by political systems and religious institutions. These systems ensure that we do what we are supposed to, which is to work. Until you wake up and free yourself you are a slave. I say this because when you follow these systems you don’t go to heaven, like you were promised, you essentially reincarnate over and over again. It’s like a lot of people here have gotten trapped on a reincarnation loop,  and extraterrestrials are taking your next life’s. Please remember that what we are seeing here, in this plane, is actually a very limited aspect of who we are and what is really going on. We all are working with very limited information. The goal here is to liberate yourself, this would be the process of Ascension. Just in case you needed more incentive. This is not optional. Everyone is going through this process and in the end only Divine love will remain.