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  • Blue Star Healing



    The Blue Star Healing system originated in Egypt, this advanced healing system comes from the Pleiades star system.  This system emphasizes merging Galactic and spiritual healing systems.  It is a Galactic spiritual transmission meant to bridge the gap between the Universe and humanity.  It’s a rainbow bridge to the Cosmos.  It enables the adept to…

  • Sirian Space Storm

    We have a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse this month.  The first eclipse is the 12th in Cancer.  This Eclipse is bringing us a new beginning.  We have 5 planets in retrograde, including Mercury and Mars which will make this energy feel subtle, but it’s anything but.  Mars is a planet of action.  This…

  • Energetic Infections



    They seek to infect not through the targets but those close to the target.  This individual purpose is it divides the target of their protection.  I have learned valuable lessons on this journey.  I started it with many friends around me.  I knew that in shifting realities that I would lose everything and everyone, but I…

  • As Above So Below

    As Above So Below



    Our bodies involve a vast biochemistry.  We still only hold some of the biochemical answers.  Biophysics hold a lot of the spiritual answers we seek.  Our reality is a holographic projection.  A reality in which exists infinite possibilities we chose based on our vibrational frequencies.  DNA functions in a way to correlate with and to operate and access this holographic…

  • Check Out Our New Shamanic Healing Classes

    Check Out Our New Shamanic Healing Classes

    Shamans access the spiritual realm to heal.  This is done by restoring and removing energetic pathways, recovering soul splits, communicating with the spiritual, and tuning into the spiritual aspects of illnesses.  With any kind of healing comes great responsibility.  Shamanism allows you to access other realms.  It allows you to transform what you have learned,…

  • Side Effects From Each Level Reiki Attunment

     Reiki Attunement Side Effects – Level 1: -Opening of the third eye. -An increase in intuitive awareness. -Other psychic abilities. -A release of Negative Emotion -Changes in food preferences. Reiki Attunement side effects – level 2: -Highs & Lows of energy levels. -Emotional Swings in Mood. -Heightened connection to those around you. -Heightened compassion. -Aversion…