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On The Energies…

A CME and an Astroid just hit Earth.  Expect a huge influx of energies as we prepare for the Equinox.  The Planet is getting increasingly chaotic within these energies.  That’s why it’s so important to be doing the inner work right now.  It’s so important that we are tapping into more of our inner light.  The collective grids are being upgraded right now.  Earth is a powerful being that is activating.  Areas around the Earth’s chakras are extra active right now.  The sacred sites in these areas are coming online amplifying the energies of the global grid right now.  Energy is flowing through the Planetary Grids like never before.  The grids are shifting in response to the new vibrations of the field of energy the earth is moving into.  This is an attempt to raise the frequency of the entire Planet.  As we are we are connecting with the Stars, other Star Systems, Planets, and Universes.  We are such a huge part of something so much bigger right now.  If you are a Lightworker or a Gridworker you will be feeling the energies a little extra right now, as your receiving extra activations.  It’s our job to anchor these energies and light codes we are receiving into the grid.  Gridworkers are meant to be helping in clearing the Earth Grids.  March is bringing some powerful DNA Activations.  Our Divine Blueprints are coming online.  That’s why the Energies of the Equinox are so powerful to be using for healing.  We are experiencing a collective awakening.  As new dimensions are opening up you may be dreaming more, or traveling more in your sleep.  Your soul is resolving things, and learning on many levels.  You may be feeling extra serious right now, a desire to return home/ return to Source, confusion, dizziness, ear ringing, sleep issues, waking up at 3am, head aches or head pressure.  It’s so important that your putting your main focus on healing right now.  Your being guided to release any and all karma, and to heal any karma from within your ancestral lines.  See how your feeling in these energies.  These are Source Energies.  Let your body guide you through this Ascension Process.  It’s going to tell you where you have more work to do.

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We Have A New Moon Thursday..

October 19th we have a New Moon in the sign of Libra. This energy is all about finding more balance. We need to use both our heart and our third eye chakras right now. Each is a key to the higher dimensions. We are such a left brained society that we have forgotten how to use our intuition. Use these cosmic energies to start tuning in and paying attention. This New Moon is going to help you understand how you are choosing to spend your energy. It’s all about finding balance and equilibrium in your inner and outer worlds. If you have been ignoring the cues the Universe has been sending you to get more aligned, then you’ll be feeling this New Moon. Start to pay attention. Have more empathy and compassion for your brothers and sisters and Gaia. Libra is about serving others. This New Moon is extremely lucky and holds a lot of manifesting potential. Plant your seeds wisely 😉

The Nodes in The Signs

The Sun, Moon, and the planets are substantial, massive objects. Whether they are solid and rocky like the Moon and Mars, or gas giants like Jupiter and Neptune. They are distinct, visible worlds with their own geography and their own chemistry. This isn’t so of the Nodes. The Nodes are mathematical points, not places. They lack features of any-kind, but still have much meaning. The Nodes give us information on our soul mission and our past lives.

North Node in Aries/ South Node in Libra- You learn to move in the Aries direction, toward assertiveness, self-sufficiency, and bold action. When you obey your impulses and act independently, you flourish. But all to often, instead of mustering up the courage you need, you give your power away to others. You may fear that if you assert yourself fully, you’ll never find the relationship you want, or you’ll destroy the relationship you have. Ultimately, the more independent you are, the more contented you will be, whether your in a relationship or not.

North Node in Taurus/ South in Scorpio- Sex, lies, manipulation and other people’s money fascinate you, as do the churning melodramas and intense relationships you often attract. Trouble is, after a while, these soap operas start to go stale. Rather then continuing to immerse yourself in your obsessions, you should be building security for yourself. Your best moves are to gather the material resources you need, to cultivate patience, and to let your most cherished values be your guide. What you need above all is self-worth, and you should learn to manage money.

North Node in Gemini/ South Node in Sagittarius- How delightful to sit around theorizing about life, death, and the meaning of existence. How nice to know it all. What a pleasure it is to convey your brilliant thoughts to your grateful audience. But, this is a waste of energy. With your unstoppable curiosity and ability to communicate, you benefit from accumulating information and employing it for useful purposes. Your a journalist, an artist, a teacher, and a clear thinker. Leave those philosophical musings to the conundrums of life to others, you have to much to do here in the now.

North Node in Cancer/ South Node in Capricorn- Ambitious and controlling. You readily accept responsibility because your intent on achieving respect and gaining a position in society. Yet that’s not where your greatest joy lies. Despite your thirst for authority and status, you have a compelling need for home, family, and emotional security. Although revealing your hopes and fears may cause you to feel distressingly weak, the key to your evolution rests in your ability to trust and act in a caring fashion.

North Node in Leo- South Node in Aquarius- Many problems need to be addressed these days, and you’d like to do your part. You’d be delighted to devote yourself to an organization with a noble purpose, at least you think you would be. Your fulfillment lies elsewhere. To be the person you were meant to be, you must risk expressing your desires, no matter how selfish that may seem. As admirable as it seems, quietly striving for peace on earth won’t bring you happiness. The issue is simple: You don’t want to be an anonymous part of a crowd. You need an outlet for self-expression and you need to be acclaimed for what you are, quirks and all.

North Node in Virgo/ South Node in Pisces- The realm of the spirit has an irresistible pull for you. But immersing yourself in that world can feed your escapist tendencies. Your better off putting away your Ouija board and attending to the routine details that vex us all, as boring as it may seem. Your need to be the victim or a martyr (the two can be indistinguishable) is chilling, and your sense of inferiority limits your possibilities. Your path to fulfillment runs straight through the workday world of getting organized, returning phone calls, taking care of business, and being conscious of others needs. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself. You need to focus. Pay attention to the small stuff, and you’ll be amazed at how content you’ll feel.

North Node in Libra/ South Node in Aries- Your courageous, daring, and self-reliant. Your comfortable asserting yourself (even if you do have a temper), and your an efficient leader and decision maker. But your also self-centered, and the advantages of a loving partnership may elude you. Your challenge is to cooperate, be supportive, and mind the needs of others (listening is key). By balancing their needs with your own, you move in the direction of inner peace and contentment.

North Node in Scorpio/ South Node in Taurus- You think of yourself as a practical person who allocates your resources, financial, and otherwise, with care. You believe that material security provides the foundation for psychological strength. You keep that fantasy of you wish, but you should know that your deepest fulfillment has little to do with material possessions of sensual pleasures, as much as you appreciate them. Instead, you benefit from digging into your psyche, sharing your secrets, and dredging up the courage to overcome your resistance to change. I’m truth, you crave nothing short of total metamorphosis. By getting involved with others and learning to accept their input, you can, at minimum begin that process.

North Node in Sagittarius/ South Node in Gemini- Its easy for you to stumble into a life of trivial pursuits or to get lost in the labyrinth of personal gossip, rumor-mongering web sites, and a never ending supply of celebrity scandal. The path of supermarket tabloids is not right for you. With your North Node in the sign of religion, law, travel, and education, you need to get your mind around the big picture. Seek knowledge. Learn a language. Look for a philosophy that aids your understanding. On antique maps, areas of unexplored territories were decorated with images of dragons, which were meant to warn travelers away. You need to sail these unknown waters, dragons and all. Exercise helps. Spending time in nature is also valuable. Above all, you need to trust your intuition and step into the world. That’s where you can find what you need the most, adventure.

North Node in Capricorn/ South Node in Cancer- You have a streak of domesticity, an interest in the past, and a lovely appreciation for the simple pleasures of home and family. Alas, as lovely as that sounds, it’s not your path. Instead, you require real-world achievements, the kind that are born in ambition, shaped through self-discipline, and rewarded with money and prestige. Much as you adore your home and family, you won’t gain much satisfaction sitting at home. And although your shifting moods may distract and disturb you, you still need to exercise your talents- despite your fears and insecurities. You have the ability to achieve your goals and to influence the wider community. Knowing that the fates are with you, and may boost your confidence, and help you recognize opportunities.

North Node in Aquarius/ South Node In Leo- Creative self-expression comes easily to you, and you attract the kind of notice that most people never get. You know what you want and you have the drive to get it. But your inclined to take over, and you overwhelm people with the force of your personality. For true growth, you need to team up with others and broaden your vision. Getting involved in a social cause that’s larger then yourself, you transcend the ego and move in the direction of fulfillment.

North Node in Pisces/ South Node in Virgo- Work we must. That’s your motto. You have a legion of responsibilities, and you get so caught up in these dreary tasks that there’s no room for anything else. To combat anxiety, you do your best to maintain order and to repel the encroaching forces of chaos. But there’s only so much you can do. By letting your mind wander, by putting aside your dreaded to do list, and by being alert to your dreams and fantasies, you allow yourself to glimpse another aspect of experience and to explore the providence of spirit. Yoga, meditation, and anything that can help you relax are indispensable tools. Your ultimate goal is enlightenment.